Barrow, a term applied in honour of Sir John Barrow, to (1) Point Barrow, on the northern coast of Alaska, in 71° 23' N. lat. and 156° 31' W. long., long received as the most northerly spot on the American mainland (but see Bellot Strait, Boothia). - (2) Cape Barrow, on the northern coast of Canada, or Coronation Gulf, 68° N. lat., 111o W. long. - (3) Barrow Strait, the earliest of Parry's discoveries, leading to the west out of Lancaster Sound. Besides its main course to Melville Sound, Barrow Strait throws off Prince Regent's Inlet to the south, and Wellington Channel to the north. It averages 50 miles in breadth, extending pretty nearly along the parallel of 74° N., from 85° to 100° W.


Barrow, a river in the south-east of Ireland, rising in the north of Queen's County, on the north-east slope of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, and flowing 100 miles E. and S. past Portarling-ton, Athy, Carlow, and New Ross, until, having received the Nore and the Suir, it forms the large and secure estuary of Waterford harbour, 9 miles long. It is navigable for ships of 300 tons to New Ross, 25 miles up, and for barges to Athy, 65 miles up, whence the Grand Canal communicates with Dublin.