Bath'urst, a name applied to various localities in honour of Earl Bathurst, Colonial Secretary (1812-28). - (1) Bathurst in New South Wales, the first county settled beyond the Blue Mountains, is bounded NE. by the Macquarie, and SW. by the Lachlan. Besides its gold-fields (discovered in 1851), it has also slate-quarries, copper-mines, and silver-mines. The chief town, Bathurst, on the Macquarie River, 144 miles W. of Sydney by rail, is now the third in New South Wales. Erected into a municipality in 1862, it contains a government railway workshop, and has manufactures of soap, candles, glue, boots, leather, beer, etc. It is the seat of an Anglican and of a Roman Catholic bishop. Pop. 9870. - (2) Bathurst Island, off North Australia, close to the much larger Melville Island. - (3) Bathurst, the principal settlement of the British colony on the Gambia (q.v.). It is situated on St Mary's Isle, a sandbank at the mouth of the river. Pop. 8000. - (4) An island in the Arctic Ocean, intersected by the 100th meridian, and situated immediately beyond the 75th parallel. - (5) Bathurst Inlet, an arm of the Arctic Ocean, projecting due south for 75 miles into the North American continent, just touching the Arctic circle and 110° west longitude. - (6) A division in the east of Cape Colony.