Battle Creek

Battle Creek, a thriving town of Michigan, on the Kalamazoo River, 45 miles SW. of Lansing. It has flour-mills, iron-foundries, machine-shops, etc. Pop. (1880) 7063; (1900) 18,563.


Battlefield, 3 miles NE. of Shrewsbury, the scene of the battle of Shrewsbury (1403), in which Hotspur was defeated and slain.


Battleford, in Saskatchewan, Canada, at the junction of the Battle River with the Saskatchewan, 175 miles to the north of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It was capital of the Northwest in 1876-83.


Batum. See Batoum.


Baturin', a town of South-west Russia, on the Seim, 50 miles SSW. of Novgorod. Pop. 6850.


Batz, or Bas, a small island in the English Channel, belonging to France, and situated off the north coast of the dep. of Finistere. Its length is about 2 1/2 miles, and its breadth about 1 7/8 mile. It has three villages; a fine haven, that of Kernoc, and a lighthouse. Pop. 1184.


Bautzen (Bowt'zen; Wendish Budissin), a town in Saxony, on the Spree, 35 miles W. of Gorlitz. The chief buildings are a former cathedral (1497), and the castle of Ortenburg, dating from 958, a frequent residence of the kings of Bohemia. The manufactures include woollens, fustian, linen, hosiery, leather, and gunpowder. Pop. (1871) 13,165; (1900) 26,025. Here Napoleon won a barren victory over the Russians and Prussians, May 20-21, 1813.


Bawtry, a village in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 8 miles SE. of Doncaster. Pop. of parish, 947.


Baya'mo, or San Salvador, a town in the east of Cuba, on the northern slope of the Sierra Maestra. It is connected by railway with Man-zanilla. Pop. 7500.


Bayana, or Biana, a town of India, in the Rajput state of Bhurtpur, 50 miles SW. of Agra. Pop. 8758.


Bayazid', a town of Turkish Armenia, in the province of Erzerum, on a spur of Ala Dagh, 15 miles SW. of the foot of Mount Ararat. From 15,000 prior to 1829 its pop. has dwindled to 5000. In 1877 it was seized by the Russians, but was restored by the Berlin Congress of 1878.

Bay City

Bay City, the fourth town of Michigan, U.S., on the Saginaw River, 4 miles from Saginaw Bay, and 108 miles NNW. of Detroit. It is an important railway centre, with a large trade in timber and salt, and some shipbuilding. Pop.

(1860) 1583; (1890) 27,839; (1900) 27,628. On the opposite bank of the river are the consolidated villages of Salzburg, Wenona, and Banks, known as West Bay City, with a pop. of 12,981; and the village of Essex (2000) adjoins the north end of the city. An act of the state legislature of 1887 provided for the consolidation of these with Bay City in 1891.


Bayern. See Bavaria.


Bayeux (Bah-yuh'), a city of Normandy, in the French dep. Calvados, on the Aure, 15 miles NW. of Caen. In its public library is the famous 'Bayeux Tapestry;' and its cathedral was rebuilt after a fire by William the Conqueror in 1077, though the present edifice dates mainly from 1106 to the 13th century. Pop. 7583.