Beaulieu (Bewley), a village of Hampshire, at the head of a creek, on the verge of the New Forest, 6 miles NE. of Lymington. King John here founded a Cistercian abbey in 1204.


Beauly (pron. Bewley), a village, 10 miles W. of Inverness, with remains of a priory founded in 1232. Beauly Firth (7 by 2 miles) is the upper basin of the Moray Firth, and receives the river Beauly, winding 10 miles NE. Pop. 859.


Beauma'ris, a seaport, watering-place, and chief town of Anglesey, North Wales, on the west side of the picturesque bay of Beaumaris, near the north entrance to the Menai Strait, 3 miles N. of Bangor, and 239 miles NW. of London. It has the ivy-covered remains of a castle erected by Edward I., and a free grammar-school. Till 1885 it united with Amlwch, Holyhead, and Llangefni in returning one member. Pop. (1871) 2291; (1901) 2310.


Beaune (Boane), a town in the French dep. Cote d'Or, 23 miles SSW. of Dijon by rail, with a fine 13th-century church, a splendid hospital, founded in 1443 by Nicholas Rollin; and a bronze statue (1849) of Monge the mathematician. It manufactures serges, woollen cloth, and cutlery, and gives name to one of the best Burgundy wines. Pop. 12,755.


Beauvais, the capital of the French dep. Oise, situated in the valley of the Therain, 55 miles NNW. of Paris. Of its unfinished cathedral, begun in 1225, the choir, 153 feet high, is the loftiest as well as one of the finest specimens of Gothic in France. The industries include the weaving of Gobelins tapestries (since 1664), and the manufacture of cotton, woollen cloths, shawls, and carpets. Population, 17,500. Beauvais was known by the Romans as CAesaromagus, afterwards as Bellovacum. In 1472 it was besieged by Charles the Bold of Burgundy, with 80,000 men, when the women of Beauvais, under Jeanne Hachette, displayed remarkable valour.

Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam, a city at the outlet of Beaver Lake, Wisconsin, U.S., 61 miles NW. of Milwaukee, on the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St Paul Railway. It is the centre of a fertile district, and has a university, various factories, and flour-mills. Pop. 5222.

Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls, a village of Pennsylvania, U.S., near the Beaver River's junction with the Ohio, 34 miles NW. of Pittsburgh. The 'Harmony' society of economy controls most of the factories here. Pop. 12,000.


Bebek, a lovely bay on the European side of the Bosphorus, with a palace (built 1725).


Beccles, a Suffolk market-town and municipal borough, on the Waveney, 8 miles W. of Lowestoft. It has a fine church with a detached belfry, a good grammar-school, and large printing-works. Pop. 7000.


Beckenham, a town of Kent, 7 miles S. by E. of London. Pop. 27,000.


Becse, Old, a Hungarian town, on the Theiss. Pop. 19,000. - New Becse, on the E. bank, 348 miles SSE. of Pesth, has a pop. of 7000.


Becskerek, a town of Hungary, on the Bega canal, 368 miles SSE. of Pesth by rail. Pop. 22,100.