Bedarieux (Bay-dar-yuh'), a town in the French dep. of Herault, on the Orb, 27 miles NNW. of Beziers by rail. Pop. 6046.


Beddgelert, a Carnarvonshire village, a great tourist centre, near Aberglaslyn Pass, 12 miles SE. of Carnarvon. 'Gelert's Grave' is marked by a few stones.


Bedlington, a Northumberland township, 5 miles SE. of Morpeth. Here about 1800 Mr Aynsley bred the famous Bedlington terriers.


Bednor', Bednur, or Nagar, a decayed city, now a village, of Mysore, India, 150 miles NW. of Seringapatam. It was at one time the seat of government of a rajah, and its pop. exceeded 100,000. In 1763 it was taken by Hyder Ali, who pillaged it of property to the estimated value of 12,000,000.


Bedwellty, a mining urban district of Monmouthshire, with ironworks, 7 miles from Ponty-pool. Pop. 10,000.


Bedwin, a Wiltshire town, 5 miles SW. of Hungerford. Pop. of parish, 1627.


Bedworth, a market-town of Warwickshire, 3 miles S. of Nuneaton. Pop. of parish, 7485.


Beer, a Devon fishing-village, l 1/2 mile SW. of Axmouth.


Beeston, an urban district of Notts, 3 miles from Nottingham. Pop. 8960.

Beeston Rock

Beeston Rock, a steep eminence (366 feet) in Cheshire, 2 miles S. of Tarporley, with a ruined castle (1220).


Begharmi. See Bagirmi.


Begles, a town of France, in the department Gironde, 2 miles S. from Bordeaux. Pop. (1901) 12,061.


Beg-Shehr, or Kereli Gol, a mountain lake in Asia Minor, 44 miles SW. of Konia. Lying almost 3700 feet above the sea, it is over 30 miles long, from 5 to 10 miles broad, and contains several islands. On its east and north shores are the towns of Begshehr and Kereli.


Behar, or Bahar (also Bihar), once one of the three provinces under the Nawab of Bengal, now one of the four great provinces of Bengal, occupying part of the valley of the Ganges, comprising the two divisions of Patna and Bhagal-pur, and subdivided into 12 administrative districts. Area, 44,200 sq. in.; pop. (1901)24,241,395. The Ganges divides the province almost into two equal parts; it is watered besides by several of its important tributaries. - Kooch Behar is a native state near Bhotan, under the lieutenant-governor of Bengal; area, 1307 sq. m.; pop. 578,863. Its capital is also Kooch Behar, or Kuch Behar.


Behar, or Bahar, a town of Bengal, 54 miles SE. by S. of Patna. The original city is nearly deserted, and the present town consists of houses scattered about its remains, and interspersed with fields, gardens, and groves. Silk, cotton cloths, and muslin are manufactured here. Pop. 45,000.


Beilan', a pass in the northern extremity of Syria, on the east shore of the Gulf of Scanderoon, runs across the mountain-range of Amanus. It is the common route from Cilicia into Syria. The town of Beilan (pop. 5000) is situated near the summit-level of the pass, 1584 feet above the Mediterranean.