Belgiojoso (Bel-ji-o-yo'zo), a town of Lombardy, North Italy, 9 miles E. of Pavia. Pop. 3168.


Belgorod' (Russian Bjelgorod, 'white town'), a town in the Russian government of Kursk, on the Donetz, 412 miles S. of Moscow by rail. It is an archbishop's see, and has manufactures of leather, soap, and woollens, and three important fairs. Pop. 26,097.


Belgravia, a district in the southern part of the West End of London.


Bella, a town of Italy, 17 miles S. of Melfi. Pop. 5830.


Bellaggio (Bellad'jo), an Italian village on the spit between the arms of Lake Como. Pop. 966.


Bellaire, a town of Ohio, U.S., on the Ohio River, 5 miles below Wheeling, with manufactures of glass, nails, pig-iron, etc. Pop. 9934.


Bella'ry, the chief town of a district, 305 miles NW. of Madras by rail. One of the principal military stations in the presidency of Madras, its fort crowns a high rock. Pop. 58,250.


Belleek, on the Erne in Fermanagh, from its own clay formerly manufactured line porcelain (Belleek ware) and pottery.


Bellegarde (Bel-gard'), a second-class fortress of France, in the dep. of Pyrenees-Orientales, built by Louis XIV. in 1679. It is situated on the Spanish confines on the road leading over the Col de Pertuis from Perpignan to Figueras.

Belle Isle

Belle Isle, a British island in the Atlantic, 21 miles in circumference, midway between Newfoundland and Labrador. It gives name to the strait on the south-west, 70 miles long, and 11 miles wide at the widest. - There is another small island of the same name in the Bay of Conception, Newfoundland.


Belleisle-en-Mer, an island of the French dep. of Morbihan, 8 miles S. of Quiberon Point. It is 11 miles by 7, and has an area of 330 sq. m. Pop. 10,117, chiefly engaged in fishing, and 2967 in the fortified seaport of Le Palais.


Belleville, an eastern suburb of Paris, now enclosed by the line of fortifications.


Belleville, a town in the province of Ontario, Canada, on the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, 48 miles W. of Kingston by rail. Here is Albert University (1857). Pop. 9516.


Belleville, a city of Illinois, U.S., 16 miles SE. of St Louis. It has manufactures of iron goods, thrashing-machines, and flour. Pop. (1871) 8146; (1901) 17,484.


Belley, a town in the French dep. of Ain, 40 miles E. of Lyons. It has a cathedral dating from 889, and fine lithographic stones are procured in the neighbourhood. Pop. 6385.


Bellingham, a Northumberland village, on the North Tyne, 16 miles NNW. of Hexham. Pop. of parish, 1268.


Bellinzo'na, or Bellenz, the chief town of the Swiss canton of Ticino, on the river Ticino, 109 miles SSE. of Lucerne by rail. It still has its three old castles. Pop. 5436.

Bellot Strait

Bellot Strait, the passage on the north coast of North America, which separates North Somerset from Boothia Felix, and connects Prince Regent Inlet with Franklin Channel. Its east entrance was discovered in 1852 by Lieutenant Bellot. It is 20 miles long, and, at its narrowest part, about 1 mile wide, running pretty nearly on the parallel of 72°, between granite shores which rise here and there to 1500 feet. A point on the south shore, 71° 55' N., 95" W., is the most northerly point of the North American continent.