Berezovsk, a village in the Russian province of Perm, near Ekaterinburg, gives name to a famous gold-field, wrought since 1744.


Berg, a former German duchy on the Rhine's" right bank, now incorporated with the Prussian dominions, between Dusseldorf and Cologne.


Berga, a town of Catalonia, Spain, 52 miles NNW. of Barcelona. Pop. 4735.


Ber'gama (anc. Pergamos), a city of Asia Minor, 40 miles N. of Smyrna. Pop. 6000.


Ber'gamo (anc. Bergomum), a fortified town of Lombardy, 34 miles NE. of Milan by rail. It has a castle, a cathedral, and manufactures of silk, cotton, linen, woollens, and iron goods. Tiraboschi and Donizetti were natives. Pop. 43,819.


Bergedorf (Ber'gay-dorf), a town of Germany, 10 miles SE. of Hamburg. Pop. 9209.


Bergen-op-Zoom (Ber-gen-op-Zoam'; g hard), a town of Holland, 21 miles N. by W. of Antwerp, stands on the little river Zoom, at its entrance into the east l> ranch of the Scheldt. It has a harbour, manufactures of brick and earthenwares, and a large trade in anchovies. Strongly fortified until 17(57, Bergen-op-Zoom was repeatedly besieged by the Spaniards, French, and English between 1581 and 1814. Pop. 14,419.


Bergerac (Berzh'erak), a town in the French dep. of Dordogne, on the Dordogne, 00 miles E. of Bordeaux by rail. Most of its inhabitants are employed in the surrounding ironworks and paper-mills. Its wines are esteemed. Pop. 15,485.


Bergholt, East, a Suffolk parish. Constable's birthplace, on the Stour, 9 miles SSW. of Ipswich.


Bergues (Berg), a town and fortress in the French dep. of Nord, on the Coline, 5 miles SSE. of Dunkirk. Pop. 5380.


Berhampur, two towns in British India. - (1) in Madras, a military station, 18 miles SW. of Ganjam, and but 9 from the coast. Pop. 25,653. - (2) in Bengal, on the Bhagirathi, 5 miles below Murshidabad. It was long one of the principal military stations in British India, and in 1857 was the scene of the first open act of mutiny. Pop. 24,515.


Beri, (1) a town of India, in the British district of Rohtak, Punjab, 36 miles W. by N. from Delhi. Pop. 9695.--(2) A state in Bundelkhand. Area, 30 sq. m.; pop. 4985.


Berja, a town of Spain, 22 miles W. of Almeria, with lead-mines. Pop. 13,493.


Berkeley, a town of Gloucestershire, on the Avon, 17 1/2 miles SW. of Gloucester by rail. It lies in the Vale of Berkeley, which consists of rich meadow pasture-land, and is celebrated for its ' Double Gloucester' cheese. Berkeley Castle, on an eminence to the south-east, about 1162 was granted by Henry II. to Robert Fitzhardinge, with whose descendants it has since continued, they having held the title of Baron Berkeley from 1295, and of earl and viscount from 1679. Here Edward II. was murdered in 1327. Dr Jenner, the discoverer of vaccination, was a native, and is buried in the parish church. Pop. of parish, 890. See Smyth's Lives of the Berkeleys (1884).


Berkeley, a town of Almeda county, California, overlooking the Bay of San Francisco, is the seat of the state university. Pop. 13,500.