Berkeley Sound

Berkeley Sound, an inlet of the East Falkland Island, near its north-eastern extremity.


Berkhamstead, a market-town of Hertfordshire, on the Bulburn, 28 miles NW. of London. Straw-plaiting is carried on, and manufactures of wooden articles and chemicals. Cowper was a native. Pop. of parish, 6034.


Berkovitza, a town of Bulgaria, 40 miles NNW. of Sofia, on a tributary of the Danube. Pop. 5445.


Berlad (Barladu), a town of Lower Moldavia, 84 miles by rail NNW. of Galatz. Pop. 24,008.


Berlen'gas, a group of rocky islands in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west coast of the Portuguese province of Estremadm-a.


Berlin, a town of Ontario, Canada, 62 miles SW. of Toronto by rail. Pop. 10,000.


Berlin, the name of forty different towns, Villages, hamlets, and townships in the United States. The largest is a city of Coos county, New Hampshire, on the Androscoggin River, 15 miles from Mount Washington. Pop. 10,000.


Ber'mondsey, a south-east suburb of London, on the south bank of the Thames, and (since 1899) one of the metropolitan boroughs. Pop. 130,760.


Bermudez, a state in the NE. of Venezuela, between the Orinoco and the Caribbean Sea.


Bernalda, a town in South Italy, in the province of Potenza. Pop. 6976.


Bernard, Great St. See St Bernard.


Bernay, a French town in the dep. of Eure, 25 miles WNW. of Evreux. Pop. 6964.


Bernburg, a town in the German duchy of Anhalt, till 1863 capital of Anhalt-Bernburg, on the Saale, 23 miles S. of Magdeburg. It manufactures machinery, sugar, spirits, porcelain, etc. Pop. (1871) 15,709; (1900) 34,500.


Berne. See Bern.


Ber'nera, (1) a Ross-shire island, 23 miles W. of Stomoway, on the coast of Lewis. It measures 53/8 by 3 1/4 miles, and attains 223 feet. Pop. 585. - (2) An Inverness-shire island, 1 mile N. of North Uist, measuring 5 1/2 by 2 miles. Pop. 521.


Ber'neray, an Inverness-shire island, 14 miles SSW. of Barra. Pop. 17.


Berni'na, a mountain of the RhAetian Alps, 13,290 feet high, in the Swiss canton of Grisons. Its summit was first attained in 1850. The Ber-nina Pass (7642 feet), with a carriage-road (1864), leads from Pontresina to Poschiavo.


Berre, Etang de, a lagoon of France, dep. Bouches-du-Rhone, 45 miles in circumference, with salt-works and eel-fisheries.


Berri, or Berry, a former province of Central France, now forming Indre and Cher deps.


Bervie, a seaport and one of the Montrose burghs in Kincardineshire, near the mouth of Bervie Water, 13 miles NE. of Montrose by rail. Pop. 1207.


Berwick, North. See North Berwick.

Berwyn Mountains

Berwyn Mountains, a range (2716 feet) on the border of Merioneth and Montgomery shires.


Besancon (Be-zongsong), a fortified French city, the capital now of the dep. of Doubs, and formerly of Franche-Comte, on the river Doubs, 57 miles E. of Dijon. It was the ancient Vesontio or Besontium; in 58 b.c. Caesar expelled the Sequani hence, and in the neighbourhood gained a victory over Ariovistus. It finally came into the possession of France in 1674. Several streets still bear old Roman names; and in the neighbourhood are ruins of a triumphal arch, an aqueduct, an amphitheatre, and a large theatre. Among later structures are the 12th-century cathedral, the Palais de Justice (1749), and the half-Gothic, half-Renaissance palace (1534) of Cardinal Gran-vella. Besancon makes a large percentage of the watches made in France, and 15,000 of its inhabitants are engaged in this industry, introduced from Switzerland about 1818. Other manufactures are porcelain, carpets, iron-wire, Seltzerwater, and beer. Abel Remusat and Victor Hugo were natives. Pop. 51,000.