Bethuno (Bay-tun'), a town in the dep. of Pas-de-Calais, on a rock overlooking the river Brette, 16 miles NNW. of Arras, with old fortifications by Vauban. It has bleaching-works and manufactures of soap. It belonged in the middle ages to Flanders, but was ceded to France by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. Pop. 11.398.


Bettia, a municipal town in the north-west corner of Behar, India, on the line of the Tirhut state railway. Pop. 22,780.

Bettws-y-Coed.(Bettus-ee-Ko'ed), a tourist centre in Carnarvonshire, North Wales, at the Llugwy's influx to the Conway, 15 miles S. of Llandudno Junction by rail. Pop. of parish, 840.


Betwa, a river in Bundelkhand, North-west Provinces, India, which flows 360 miles northeast to the Jumna.

Beulah Spa

Beulah Spa, 1 mile S. of Upper Norwood, was much resorted to once, but is now built over.


Beuthen (Boy'ten), a town of Prussian Silesia, 121 miles SE. of Breslau. It lies in a mining district, and manufactures woollen cloths and earthenware. Pop. 52,500.


Bev'eland, North and South, two Dutch islands in the Scheldt's estuary. South Beveland is the largest and most fertile of the Zeeland islands, with a pop. of 23,000. North Beveland is low and marshy.


Beveren, a town of Belgium, 5 1/2 miles W. by S. of Antwerp. Lace-making is the principal industry. Pop. 8023.


Beverley, the chief town of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1 mile W. of the river Hull, with which it communicates by canal, and 8 miles NNW. of the city of Hull. Its trade consists in corn and coal; and tanning and the manufacture of agricultural implements are the staple industries. The superb Gothic minster is 334 feet long and 167 across the transept; the western towers are 200 feet high. The 14th-century North Bar is the sole survivor of four old gates. Beverley arose out of a priory founded by St John of Beverley (d. 721). The name is a corruption of Beverlac, ' lake of beavers.' Incorporated in 1573, Beverley till 1870 returned two members. Pop. (1851) 10,058; (1891) 12,539; (1901) 13,1S3.


Beverloo', a village of Belgium, 12 miles NW. of Hasselt. Pop. 1097.


Beverly, a town of Massachusetts, on an arm of the Atlantic, opposite Salem, and 18 miles NE. of Boston by rail. It has a good harbour. Pop. 13,S21.


Bewcastle, a village of East Cumberland, 10 miles NE. of Brampton. A headless stone cross in the churchyard, 14 1/2 feet high, bears an Anglo-Saxon runic inscription of the year 670. Pop. Of parish, 800.


Bewdley (formerly Beaulieu, from its pleasant situation), a town of Worcestershire, on the Severn, 3 miles WSW. of Kidderminster. A municipal borough since 1472, it returned one member till 1885. Pop. 2866. See Burton's History of Bewdley (1883).


Bex, a village in the Swiss canton of Vaud, 26 miles SE. of Lausanne, with great salt-mines, salt-works, and sulphur-baths. Pop. 3958.