Bexar. See San Antonio.


Bexhill-on-Sea, a Sussex watering-place and municipal borough (1902), 5 miles WSW. of Hastings. Pop. 12,500.


Bexley, a town of Kent, on the Cray, 3 miles W. of Dartford. Pop. 13,000.


Beyerland, an island-district, 15 miles long, of South Holland, between the Maas and the Hollandsche Diep.


Beypur', a seaport of Western India, in Malabar district, Madras, near the mouth of the Beypur River, 6 miles S. of Calicut. Since 1858 it is the terminus of a railway across India from Madras via Coimbatore. Pop. 6739.


Bezdan. a market-town of Hungary, on the canal joining Theiss and Danube. Pop. 10,000.


Beziers (Bayz-yay'), a town in the French dep. of Herault, 49 miles SW. of Montpellier, with pre-Roman remains, a noble Gothic cathedral, a bishop's palace, and manufactures of silks and woollens. Pop. 50,000.


Bezwada, a town in Madras, on the left bank of the Kistna, of growing importance. Pop. 25,000.


Bhagalpur', or Boglipoor, a town of Bengal, on the right bank of the Ganges (7 miles wide), 265 miles NW. of Calcutta. Pop. 76,000.


Bhagirathi (Bageerut'tee), a branching arm of the lower Ganges, divides the Murshidabad district into two portions, forms the boundary line between Nadiya and Bardwan districts, and joins the Jalangi at Nadiya town to form the Hooghly (q.v.). - Also a head-stream of the Ganges, rising in Gangotri Peak, Garhwal, North-west Provinces, which joins the Alaknanda at Deoprayag.


Bhamo', a town of Burma, at the head of the navigation of the Upper Irawadi, 40 miles W. of the Chinese frontier, and 300 NNE. of Man-dalay. Pop. 7500.


Bhandara, a town of India, in the Central Provinces, 40 miles E. of Nagpur. Pop. 13,150.


Bhanpura, or Bhampura, a walled town of Central India, in Indore state, on the Rewa, 60 miles S. of Kotah. Pop. 13,400.


Bhartpur', or Bhurtpore', the capital of a protected state in India, 35 miles W. of Agra by rail. Lord Combermere captured it in 1827. Pop. about 50,000. Area of state, 1974 sq. m.; pop. 645,540, mostly Jats.


Bhatgaon, a town of Nepaul, 8 miles SE. of Khatmandu. Pop. 30,000.


Bhaunagar, the capital of a Bombay native state, on the Gulf of Cambay, 60 miles NW. of Surat. Pop. 57,653. Area of state, 2860 sq. m.; pop. 400,323.


Bhilsa, a town of India, in Gwalior state, on the Betwa, 26 miles NE. of Bhopal. Pop. 7070.


Bhiwani (Bee-wak'nee), a town of the Punjab, 37 miles SE. of Hissar by rail. Pop. 35,487.


Bhopal, the capital of a native state in Central India, 325 miles SW. of Allahabad. Population, 77,000. - The state was founded in 1723 by Dost Mohammed Khan, and a treaty of dependence was concluded with Britain in 1818. Area, 13,000 sq. m.; pop. 1,500,000.


Bhuj (Boodj), the capital of Cutch (q.v.), 180 miles SE. of Hyderabad. Pop. 26,421.