Bolbec, a busy town in the French dep. of Seine-Inferieure, 19 miles ENE. of Havre by rail. It manufactures woollens, linen, cotton, and chemicals. Pop. 12,000.


Bolchov. See Bolkhov. Bolgary, a village of 150 houses in the Russian government of Kazan, near the Volga. It occupies the site of Bolgar, the old Bulgarian capital.


Bolgrad, a town in the Russian province of Bessarabia, 28 miles NW. of Ismail, at the head of Lake Yapuch. Pop. 13,000.


Boli, an ancient town of Asia Minor, on the left bank of the river Boli, 136 miles E. by S. of Constantinople. Pop. 5000.


Bolingbroke, a ruined castle, Lincolnshire, 3 1/2 miles W. by S. of Spilsby. Henry IV. was born here.


Bolivar (Bolee'var), the name of several states of South America. - (1) A state of Colombia, W. of the Magdalena. Area, 21,345 sq. m.; pop. 300,000. Capital, Cartagena; chief port, Barran-quilla. - (2) A state of Venezuela; pop. 50,289.


Bolkhov, a cathedral city of Russia, on the river Nugra, 37 miles N. of Orel. Pop. 26,395.


Bollington, a Cheshire town, 3 miles N. by E. of Macclesfield, with cotton and silk factories. Pop. 5913.


Bolor-Tagh, a lofty border-ridge of the Pamir plateau, ranging SW. to NE., which falls abruptly to Kashgaria.


Bolsena (Bolsay'na; anc. Volsinii), a town on the north shore of the Lake of Bolsena (Lacus Volsiniensis), 20 miles NNW. of Viterbo. It now has only 2214 inhabitants; but prior to 280 B.C. it was one of the twelve Etruscan cities. - The lake, about 10 miles long and 8 broad, occupies a volcanic hollow.


Bol'sover, a village of Derbyshire, 6 miles E. of Chesterfield. Bolsover Castle belongs to the Duke of Portland. Pop. of urban district, 6844.


Bolsward, an old town of Friesland, 15 miles SW. of Leeuwarden. Pop. 6939.

Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire, on the river Wharfe, 6 miles E. of Skipton, and 21 NW. of Leeds. Founded for Augustinian canons about 1150, it is celebrated in Wordsworth's White Doe of Rylstone and The Force of Prayer. The remains range from Early English to Perpendicular; and the nave of the church has been restored for service. The gateway, familiar through Land-seer's picture, has been incorporated in Bolton Hall, a seat of the Duke of Devonshire.


Boma, the capital of the Congo State (q.v.).


Bo'marsund, a Russian fortress on Aland Island, commanding the Gulf of Bothnia. In 1854 it was destroyed by an Anglo-French force, after a six days' bombardment. The Treaty of Paris bound Russia not to restore it.


Bornmel, a town of Holland, on the Waal, 20 miles SSE. of Utrecht. Pop. 3835. - The Bom-melerwaard is a fertile island-district (16 by 6 miles), formed by the Waal and Maas.


Bona (Fr. Bone), a seaport of Algeria, on a bay of the Mediterranean, near the mouth of the Sebus, 220 miles W. of Tunis by rail. It has good bazaars, manufactures of tapestry, saddlery, and native clothing; and a trade in wool, hides, corn, etc. The exposed roadstead has been made into a fair harbour. There are iron and copper mines near Bona, and some scanty remains of Hippo Regius, St Augustine's episcopal seat, destroyed by Calif Osman in 646. Pop. 32,500.