Bonaire. See Buen-Ayre.


Bonar, a Sutherland village, at the head of Dornoch Firth, 14 miles WNW. of Tain. Pop. 366. Telford's bridge (1812) here was destroyed in 1892, but has been rebuilt.

Bona Vista

Bona Vista, a bay, cape, and seaport (pop. 2500) on the east coast of Newfoundland.


Bondmrch, a village, Isle of Wight, 1 mile E. of Ventnor.


Bondu, a country of French Senegambia, Africa, to the W. of Bambouk, on the lower Senegal and Faleme rivers, lying between 14o - 15° N. lat. and 12° - 13° W. long. The Fulah inhabitants are Mohammedans. Pop. variously estimated at from 30,000 to 100,000.


Bo'ness, or Borrowstounness, a seaport in Linlithgowshire, on the Firth of Forth, 23 miles WNW. of Edinburgh. It has a wet-dock of 7 1/2 acres (1881), a large shipping trade in coal, and manufactures of salt, soap, malt, vitriol, iron, earthenware, etc. Graham's Dyke, otherwise Antoninus' Wall, traverses the parish. Dugald Stewart spent his last twenty years at Kinneil House (Duke of Hamilton's) in the neighbourhood. Pop. (1851) 2645; (1901) 9306.


Bonhill, a Dumbartonshire town, with dye-works, on the Leven's left bank, opposite Alexandria, and 4 miles N. of Dumbarton. Bonhill was the seat of the Smolletts. Pop. 3343.


Boni, a small state in the south-west peninsula of Celebes, now practically Dutch, with an area of 935 sq. m. The inhabitants, called Bugis, have an allied language to the Macassars, and as enterprising merchants and sailors are found in every port of the East Indian Archipelago. The pop. by some estimates amounts to 200,000. The capital, Boni, stands on the east coast of the peninsula. - The Gulf of Boni, 200 miles long, and 40-80 broad, separates the south-east and south-west peninsulas of Celebes.


Bonifacio, Strait of (Boneefat'cho), the strait between Corsica and Sardinia, only 7 miles wide at the narrowest. It is named from the Corsican seaport of Bonifacio; pop. 3397.


Bonillo (Boneel'yo), a town of Spain, 34 miles WNW. of Albacete. Pop. 4996.


Bonin', or (Japanese) Ogasawara Islands, a volcanic group in the Pacific Ocean, 700 miles SSB. of Japan, where 27° N. lat. crosses 142° E. long. Area, 30 sq. m.; pop. 1500. Discovered by Quast and Tasman in 1639, they were taken possession of by Britain in 1827; but in 1878 the Japanese reasserted their sovereignty, with the view of making them a penal settlement. The harbour is Port Lloyd.


Bonnyrigg, a Midlothian town, 7 miles S. of Edinburgh. Pop. 2924.


Bonyhad, a market-town of Hungary, 150 miles S. of Budapest. Pop. 5970.


Bonsall, a Derbyshire village, 2 miles SW. of Matlock. Pop. of urban district, 1360.

Booby Island

Booby Island, a level rock in Torres Strait, in 10° 36' S. lat., and 141° 53' E. long., 3 feet above high water, and 1/4 mile in diameter.


Boodroom. See Budrun.