Borkum, an East Frisian island, at the mouth of the Ems, 25 miles NW. of Emden. Pop. 684, increased in summer by over 2000 visitors.


Bormio, an Italian village with eight hot sulphur-baths, on the borders of Tyrol, 27 miles NNE. of Tirano. Pop. 1744.


Borna, a town of Saxony, on the Wyhra, 17 miles SSE. of Leipzig by rail. Pop. 8350.


Bornholm (I pronounced), a rock-bound Danish island in the Baltic, 90 miles E. of Zealand. Area, 226 sq. m. It is traversed by a hill-ridge (511 feet). The capital is Ronne or Rottum, on the west coast, with 7000 inhabitants. Pop. 45,364.

Boro Budor

Boro Budor ('the great Buddha'), the ruin of a splendid Buddhist temple in Java, near the junction of the Ello and Progo. Built probably between 600 and 1430 a.d., it is a pyramid 520 feet square, and 118 high.


Borodino (Borodee'no), a village of Russia, 70 miles W. of Moscow. It is on the Kaluga, an affluent of the Moskwa, and gave name to the great but indecisive battle between Napoleon and the Russians, 7th September 1812. The French name the battle from the Moskwa.


Boroughbridge, a market-town of Yorkshire, on the Ure, 22 miles NW. of York. Edward II., in 1322, defeated the Earl of Lancaster here. Hard by are three great monoliths, the 'Devil's Arrows,' 16 to 22 feet high. Pop. 824.


Borovitchi, a town of Russia, on the river Msta, 98 miles E. of Novgorod. Pop. 10,375.


Borovsk, a town of Russia, 49 miles NNE. of Kaluga. Pop. 9505.


Borris, a village 17 miles S. of Carlow. Pop. 518.


Borrodale, an Inverness-shire estate, on Loch-na-Nuagh, 35 miles W. by N. of Fort William. Prince Charles Edward landed here (1745).

Borromean Islands

Borrome'an Islands, a group of four small lovely islands in the western arm of Lago Mag-giore, Northern Italy. They are named after the ancient family of Borromeo.


Borrowdale, a beautiful valley of Cumberland, 5 miles S. of Keswick, ascending from the head of Derwentwater towards the Honister Pass. Here is the Bowder Stone, 89 feet in circumference, and 1971 tons in weight. The famous plumbago mine at Seathwaite in Borrowdale was closed in 1850.


Borrowstounness. See Bo'ness.


Borsad, a town of northern Bombay; pop. 13,000.


Borstal, a suburb of Rochester, with a reformatory for 'juvenile-adult' criminals.


Borth, a Cardiganshire watering-place, 8 miles N. of Aberystwith.


Borthwick, a peel-tower with memories of Queen Mary, 13 1/2 miles SSE. of Edinburgh.


Bosa, a cathedral city on the W. coast of Sardinia, 85 miles NNW. of Cagliari. Pop. 669G.


Boscastle, a Cornish coast-village, 20 miles W. of Launceston.


Bos'cobel, on the eastern verge of Shropshire, 37 miles N. of Worcester, was, after the defeat of Worcester (3d September 1651), for two days the hiding-place of Charles II. His 'Royal Oak ' is represented by a tree grown from one of its acorns; but Boscobel House still stands.