Boufarik, a town of Algeria, 23 miles S. of Algiers by rail. Pop. 5275.


Bougie, a port of Algeria, on the Bay of Bougie, 120 miles E. of Algiers. The Saldœ of the Romans, and the ' Little Mecca' of the Arabs, it had sunk to a small village in 1833, when the French captured the place. Their extensive works have since rendered it a strong fortress and a commercial centre. Pop. 12,500.


Bouillon, a duchy, originally German, now part of Belgian Luxemburg, consists of a woody and hilly district in the Ardennes, about 145 sq. m. in extent. It was the possession of the famous crusader, Godfrey de Bouillon. The principal town is Bouillon, between steep hills on the Semoy, 9 miles NNE. of Sedan. Pop. 2765.


Boulak, or Bulak, a town of Egypt, on the Nile, opposite an island of the same name, 1 mile NW. of Cairo, of which it forms a suburb and the port. Pop. 20,000.


Boulge, a Suffolk parish, 3 miles NNW. of Woodbridge. Edward FitzGerald is buried here.


Boulogne (Boo-lon'), a SW. suburb of Paris, on the Seine's right bank. It has numerous villas, and over 400 wash-houses on the river, which is here crossed by a fine stone bridge of twelve arches. Population, 37,500. The Bois de Boulogne, the Parisian's favourite place of recreation, is traversed by many walks and drives (see Longchamp). At the entrance of the wood lies Auteuil (q.v.). During the Revolution the trees of the older walks were mostly cut down; but when Napoleon chose St Cloud for his summer residence, new walks were planted and laid off. All traces of the injuries inflicted during the siege of 1S70-71 have now disappeared.


Bourbon, Isle de. See Reunion.


Bourbonnais (Boorbonnay'), in the centre of France, from 1327 to 1523 formed the duchy of Bourbon, and afterwards, as a crown domain, formed a province. It now constitutes the dep. of Allier and part of Cher. The capital was Moulins.


Bourbonne-les-Bains (Boorhonn'-leh-Bang), a town in the French dep. of Haute-Marne, 29 miles ENE. of Langres. Its saline springs reach a temperature of over 130o F. Pop. 4766.


Bourboule, a bathing-resort in the French dep. of Puy-de-D6me, on the Dordogne, with hot mineral springs of S8°-129° F. Pop. 2161.


Bourgas. See Burgas.


Bourg-en-Bresse (Boorg-ong-Bress), the chief town of the French dep. of Ain, on the Reyssouze, 37 miles NE. of Lyons. The church of Brou here, built by Margaret of Austria in 1505-36, contains a superb monument to Philibert of Savoy. Bourg manufactures mineral waters and pottery. Pop. 18,500.


Bourges (Boorzh; anc. Avaricum), capital of the French dep. of Cher, at the confluence of the Auron and the Yevre, 144 miles S. of Paris, and 69 SSE. of Orleans. Its houses are antique, and its streets crooked and dirty. The cathedral (1220-1538) is a splendid Gothic edifice, the interior one of the noblest in France, being 405 feet long and 117 high. A university (1465) was suppressed at the Revolution. The hotel-de-ville dates from 1443. Brewing is carried on, and there are nurseries. Chosen in 1861 to be an arsenal, Bourges has a cannon foundry, and has greatly increased in strategical importance since the loss of Metz. Louis XL and Bourdaloue were natives. Pop. 47,500.