Bran, a feeder of the Tay, with fine falls, near Dunkeld.


Branco, RIO, a river of Northern Brazil, rising in the Parima Mountains, and flowing 400 miles southward to the Rio Negro, of which it is the principal tributary, on its way to the Amazon.


Brandenburg (u as oo), a central province of Prussia, formed the nucleus of the present monarchy, and almost all a low plain. Area, 15,410 sq. m.; population, 3,200,000. - The town of Brandenburg (anc. Brennibor of the Wends), on the Havel, 38 miles WSW. of Berlin, has a castle and a cathedral (14th century), with a fine crypt, on an island in the river. Pop. 50,000.


Brandenburg, Neu. See Neubrandenburg.


Brandeston, a Suffolk parish, on the Deben, 3 1/2 miles SW. of Framlingham. It was the residence of the great lawyer, Charles Austin.


Brandon, a quaint old market-town, mostly on the Suffolk side of the Little Ouse, 7 1/2 miles NW. of Thetford, and 86 NE. of London by rail. In the neighbourhood are Neolithic flint-workings known as the Grimes Graves. Gun-flints are Still made here, chiefly for the African market; and the continuity of this industry can be traced at Brandon in unbroken sequence to an early prehistoric period. Pop. of parish, 2334.


Brandon, a town of Manitoba, Canada, on the Canadian Pacific Railway, below the junction of the Assiniboine and Little Saskatchewan rivers, in a prolific wheat-growing district. It was founded in 1881, and in the following year had over 1500 houses. Pop. 7000.

Brandywine Creek

Brandywine Creek, a stream rising in Chester county, Pennsylvania, flowing south-eastward into Delaware, and emptying into Christiana Creek at Wilmington. Here, September 11, 1777, 13,000 Americans, under Washington, were defeated by 18,000 British, under Lord Howe.


Brantford, a town on the Grand River, Ontario, 24 miles SW. of Hamilton by rail. Pop. 18,000.


Brantwood. See Coniston Lake.


Branxholm, a quondam Border castle, Roxburghshire, 3 miles SW. of Hawick.

Brass River

Brass River, a deltaic arm of the Niger (q.v.).


Brattleboro, in Windham county, Vermont, on the Connecticut River, 110 miles S. of Mont-pelier. Pop. 6000.


Braunsberg, a town of East Prussia, on the navigable Passarge, 8 miles from its mouth, and 38 SW. of Konigsberg by rail. It manufactures machinery, felt, and leather goods. Pop. 12,759.


Bray, (1) a Berkshire parish, on the Thames, 1 1/2 mile S. by E. of Maidenhead. The 'Vicar of Bray' was Simon Aleyn, from 1540 to 1588, during the reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth. - (2) A seaside town, partly in Dublin county, but chiefly in Wicklow, 13 miles SE. of Dublin by rail. The beauty of its situation has raised it from a small fishing-village to a watering-place, popularly known as the 'Irish Brighton.' Pop. 7500 - doubled in the season.