Brentwood, a market-town in Essex, 10 miles SW. of Chelmsford by rail. It has a richly endowed grammar-school (1567). Population, 4932.


Brescia (Bresh'ya; anc. Brixia), a city of Lom-bardy, on the rivers Mella and Garza, 51 miles E: of Milan by rail. It has two cathedrals - the old (dating from the 7th century), and the new (1604-1825); the Tosi Gallery or Town Museum, adorned with frescoes; the 12th-century Broletto Palace; the Biblioteca Quiriniana, with 40,000 volumes, founded in 1750 by Cardinal Quirini; and the Temple of Hercules, which, built by Vespasian, and excavated in 1822, forms a repository for classical antiquities. The cemetery (1810) is regarded as the finest in Italy. A statue of Arnold of Brescia was unveiled in 1S82. Brescia manufactures woollens, silk, leather, paper, arms, cutlery, etc, and its wine is of good quality. Pop. 71,000.


Bressay, one of the Shetland Isles, separated from Lerwick by Bressay Sound. It is 6 miles long, 1 to 3 broad, and 10 3/4 sq. m. in area. The coast is rocky, there are several caverns, and the highest point is 724 feet above sea-level. Pop. 699, chiefly fishermen. Bressay Sound is one of the finest natural harbours in the world. In its west centre is the harbour of Lerwick with lighthouse. East of Bressay, with a narrow and dangerous sound between, is a rocky isle, Noss, 6 miles in circuit, rising abruptly from the sea to a height of nearly 600 feet, with a flattish top. A detached rock or holm, on the south-east side, in former years communicated with Noss by means of a cradle or wooden chair run on strong ropes stretched across a yawning gulf.

Brest Litovsk

Brest Litovsk (Polish Brzesc), a strongly fortified town of Russian Poland, on the Bug, 132 miles ESE. of Warsaw, and 682 WSW. of Moscow. It has vast magazines and military stores, and an extensive trade in its cloth manufactures, Russian leather, soap, and wood. Pop. 47,981.


Bretagne. See Brittany.


Bretigny (Breteenyee'), a village in the French dep. of Eure-et-Loir, 20 miles S. of Paris by rail. Here, in 1360, Edward III. concluded a peace with France.


Bretten, a town of Baden, the birthplace of Melanchthon, 16 miles ENE. of Karlsruhe by rail. Pop. 4932.


Brezowa (Brez'ova), a market-town of Hungary, 20 miles NW. of Leopoldstadt. Pop. 5549.


Briancon (Breeongsong'; anc. Brigantium), a town in the French dep. of Hautes-Alpes, 162 miles NNE. of Marseilles by rail, on the Durance. It is the highest town in France - 4330 feet above sea-level. As the principal arsenal and depot of the French Alps, it is so strongly fortified as to be deemed impregnable. Pop. 5638.


Briansk (Bree-ansk), a town of Russia, on the Desna, 77 miles W. of Orel by rail. Pop. 26,403.


Briare (Breeahr'), a town in the dep. of Loiret, on the Loire, 102 miles SSE. of Paris by rail. The Canal de Briare (35 miles long), uniting the Loire and Seine, was the first constructed in France (1642). Pop. 5651.