Brunnen (Broon'nen), the port of the Swiss canton of Schwyz, on the Lake of Lucerne, 17 miles by water, but 28 1/2 by rail ESE. of Lucerne. Here in 1315, after the battle of Morgarten, the deputies of the Forest Cantons formed a league.


Brunswark, a conspicuous hill (920 feet) of S. Dumfriesshire, with Roman camps.


Brux, a town of Bohemia, on the Biela, 78 miles NW. of Prague by rail. In its vicinity are coal-mines, and the famous mineral springs of Pullna and Seidlitz. Pop. 20,136.


Brynmawr, an iron-working town of Brecknock, 8 miles WSW. of Abergavenny; pop. 7000. - The American Bryn Mawr, with its college for women (1885), is 10 miles NW. of Philadelphia.


Brzezany, in Galicia, 52 miles SE. of Lemberg; pop. 11,500.

Buachaille Etive

Buachaille Etive, two mountains (3345 and 3129 feet) of Ardchattan parish, Argyllshire.


Bubastis (the Pi-beseth of Ezek. xxx. 17; now Tel Bast), a ruined city of Lower Egypt, on the eastern main-arm of the Nile, near Zagazig. Under the 25th dynasty (725-686 B.C.) the city was a royal residence, but after the Persian conquest it gradually lost its importance. The ruins of its great temple were discovered by M. Naville in 1887.


Bucaramanga, capital of the dep. of Santander in the NE. of Colombia, on the Lebrija River, 3200 feet above sea-level. Pop. 20,000.


Buc'cari, or Bakar, a free port of Croatia, on an inlet of the Gulf of Quarnero, 5 miles by rail ESE. of Fiume. Pop. 2000.


Buccleuch (Buk-clew'), a small Selkirkshire glen, 18 miles SW. of Selkirk, with the site of a stronghold of the Scotts, who hence took the title of earl (1619) and duke (1663).


Buchan (Buhh'an), the NE. district of Aberdeenshire, between the Ythan and the Deveron. It rises in Mormond Hill to 769 feet; portions of the coast are bold and precipitous, and 6 miles south of Peterhead are the famous Bullers of Buchan, a huge vertical well in the granite margin of the sea, 50 feet in diameter and 100 feet deep, into whose bottom the sea rushes by a natural archway. Buchan contains the towns of Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Macduff, and Turriff. Buchan Ness is the easternmost promontory of Scotland, 3 miles S. of Peterhead. See Pratt's History of Buchan (1859).


Buckau (Book'kow), a manufacturing town of Prussian Saxony, in 1887 incorporated with Magdeburg (q. v.).


Buckhaven, a fishing-village of Fife, on the Firth of Forth, 5 1/2 miles E. of Thornton Junction. Pop. 5000.


Buckie, a fishing-town of Banffshire, 13 miles ENE. of Elgin by rail. Its harbour (1874-80), constructed of concrete at a cost of 60,000, consists of an outer and inner basin, with an area of 9 acres. Pop. 6600.


Buckingham, the county town of Buckinghamshire, stands, almost encircled by the Ouse, 61 miles NW. of London. An ancient place fortified by Edward the Elder (918), it yet has no antiquities, owing to a great fire in 1725. Since 1848 Aylesbury has superseded it as the assize town, and it lost its last member in 1885. The grammar-school was founded in 1548. The bobbin-lace manufacture has declined. Pop. (1851) 4020; (1891) 3364; (1901) 3150.