Bucklyvie, a Stirlingshire village, 15 1/2 miles W. of Stirling. Pop. 383.

Buck of Oabrach

Buck of Oabrach, an Aberdeenshire mountain (2368 feet), 13 miles SW. of Huntly.


Buczacz, a town of Austria, in Galicia, on the Stripa, an affluent of the Dniester, 47 miles ENE. of Stanislau by rail. Pop. 9970.


Bu'dapest, the official designation of the capital of Hungary, which consists of Buda (Ger. Ofen) on the right and Pest or Pesth on the left bank of the Danube, the two cities having formed a single municipality since 1872. See Pesth.


Budaun, a town of India, 140 miles NW. of Lucknow. Pop. 39,372.

Buddon Ness

Buddon Ness, the promontory, 95 feet high, on the north or Forfarshire side of the entrance to the Firth of Tay.


Bude, a watering-place on the north coast of Cornwall, 17 miles NNW. of Launceston. Pop. 1057.

Budleigh Salterton

Budleigh Salterton, a sheltered Devon watering-place, at the mouth of the Otter, 5 miles E. of Exmouth. Pop. 1870.


Budrun (Boodroon), a seaport of Asiatic Turkey, on the north shore of the Gulf of Kos, 96 miles S. of Smyrna. It is the site of the ancient Halicarnassus, the birthplace of Herodotus and Dionysius. Pop. 6000.


Budweis (Bood'vice; Czech Budejovice), a cathedral city of Bohemia, on the navigable Moldau, 133 miles NW. of Vienna by rail. It manufactures machines, stoneware, lead-pencils, saltpetre, etc. Population, 40,000. Near it is Schloss Frauen-berg (1847), Prince Schwarzenberg's seat.


Buenaventura (Bway'naventoo'ra), a town on the Pacific coast of Colombia. Pop. 5000.

Buena Vista

Buena Vista (Bway'na Veesta), a village of Mexico, 7 miles S. of Saltillo, where in February 1847, some 5000 U. S. troops defeated 20,000 Mexicans.


Buen-Ayre (Span. Bwayn-Ireh), Fr. Bonaire, a West Indian Island, 60 miles from the coast of Venezuela, and 30 E. of Curasao, like which it belongs to the Dutch. Area, 127 sq. m.; pop. 4043.


Bug (Boog), the name of two Russian rivers. The Western Bug rises in Austrian Galicia, and after a course of 470 m., mostly along the eastern frontier of Poland, it joins the Vistula near Warsaw. The Eastern Bug (anc. Hypanls) rises in Podolia, and flows 520 miles south-east into the Dnieper's estuary.


Bugis. See Boni.


Bugulma (Boogoolma), a town in the Russian government of Samara, on the Bugulminka, a tributary of the Kama. Pop. 13,740.


Buguruslan (Boogoorooslan), a town in the Russian government of Samara, on the Kinel, in the Volga steppe. Pop. 19,390.


Buildwas (Bild'was), a Shropshire parish, on the Severn, 4 miles N. of Much Wenlock, with a ruined Cistercian abbey (1135).


Builth (Bilth), a town of Brecknockshire, on the Wye, 14 m. N. of Brecon. Pop. 1805. Builth Wells, 1 mile NW., have mineral properties.


Buitenzorg (Bi'tenzorg), a town in Java, 35 miles S. of Batavia by rail, stands in mountainous country, and has so fine a climate that it is a favourite summer-resort. Pop. 25,000.