Burlington, three cities in the United States: (1) The capital of Des Moines county, Iowa, on the right bank of the Mississippi (here crossed by a railway bridge), 207 miles WSW. of Chicago. Laid out in 1834, it is the seat of a Baptist college, and has manufactures of machinery, farming implements, flour, carriages, etc. Pop. (1870) 14,930; (1900) 23,200. - (2) A port of entry of Burlington county, New Jersey, on the Delaware, 7 miles above Philadelphia. It possesses an Episcopalian college (1846), and large manufactories of shoes, ironware, and thread. Pop. 7264. - (3) A port of entry and capital of Chittenden county, Vermont, and the most populous city in the state, beautifully situated on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, 40 miles WNW. of Montpelier by rail. It has a good harbour, with a breakwater and lighthouse, and has access by canals and the Richelieu River to the Hudson and St Lawrence. It is the seat of the State Agricultural College (1865), and of Vermont University (1800); has cotton, flour, and planing mills, machine-shops, and manufactures of furniture, etc.; and is one of the largest lumber markets in the States. Pop. (1870) 14,387; (1880) 11,365; (1900) 18,640.


Burlington. See Bridlington.