Burray, an Orkney island, between Pomona and South Ronaldshay. Area, 4 sq. m.; pop. 671.


Burriana, a Spanish town, 34 miles N. of Valencia. Pop. 10,179.

Burrow Head

Burrow Head, a promontory, 150 feet high, the SE. extremity of Wigtownshire.


Burscheid, a town of Prussia, on the Wupper, 20 miles SE. of Dusseldorf. Pop. 7828.


Burslem, a town of Staffordshire, within the parliamentary borough of Hanley, 20 miles N. by W. of Stafford. It is known as the 'mother of the potteries,' the pottery manufacture having been established here about 1644. Porcelain and pottery of all kinds are produced on a large scale, as well as encaustic tiles. There is also a glass manufactory. A fine town-hall, Renaissance in style, with a lofty clock-tower, was erected in 1865. Burslem was the birthplace of Josiah Wedgwood (1730-95); and a Wedgwood Memorial Institute was opened in 1870 to serve as a school of art, free library, and museum. Burslem was made a municipal borough in 1878, the boundary being enlarged in 1891. Pop. (1851) 16,954; (1891) 32,000; (1901) 38,850.


Burtscheid, a town of Rhenish Prussia, 1/2 mile from Aix-la-Chapelle, has manufactures of woollen cloths and cassimeres, and celebrated sulphur springs and baths, with a temperature of 106o to 155° F. Pop. 16,139.


Buru, or Boeroe, an island of the Malay Archipelago, in the residency of Amboyna, from which it lies 40 miles to the W. Marshy along the coast, and most of it densely wooded, it attains in one peak 10,320 feet. Area, 3360 sq. m.; pop. 40,000 to 50,000.


Busachino. See Bisacquino.


Busaco (Boo-sah'ko), a Portuguese ridge north of the river Mondego, 16 miles NNE. of Coinbra. Here, in 1810, Wellington repulsed Massena.


Busby, a town with cotton-mills and printworks, 7 miles S. of Glasgow. Pop. 1786.


Bushey, a small village in the south of Hertfordshire, 1 1/2 mile S. of Walford. - Bushey Park, a royal park, close to Hampton Court, is in Middlesex, 14 miles SW. of London.

Bushire(Boo-sheer'; properly Abushehr, 'father of cities,' also written Bushahr), a principal port of Persia, on a sandy peninsula on the east shore of the Persian Gulf, in the province of Pars. The district is liable to be devastated by earthquakes and the simoom, and is deficient in water; but the situation is highly favourable for commerce. It is the land terminus of the Indo-European telegraph line, and a chief station of the British Indian Steam-navigation Company; and has a large trade both in imports and exports. Pop. 20,000.


Bushmills, an Antrim market-town, on the river Bush, 8 miles NE. of Coleraine. Pop. 979.


Busiu, Buseo, Buzeo, or Buzau, a Roumanian town, in Wallachia, 60 miles NE. of Bucharest, with a cathedral and much trade. Pop. 23,000.


Bussanga. See Borgu.


Bussorah. See Basra.


Busto-Arsizio, a town of Italy, 20 miles NW. of Milan. Pop. 9891.