Caermarthen, Caernarvon. See Carmarthen, Carnarvon.


Caerphilly, a town of Glamorganshire, 7 1/2 miles N. by W. of Cardiff. It has a fine ruined castle, ironworks, and collieries. Pop. 15,830.


Caerwys, one of the Flint boroughs, 7 1/2 miles E. of St Asaph. Pop. 550.


Csesare'a (now Kaisarieh), a once splendid seaport on the coast of Syria, 30 miles N. of Joppa, built by Herod about 22 B.C., and named in honour of Caesar Augustus. It is now a heap of half-buried ruins, with a few fishermen's huts. - CAeesarea Philippi, 95 miles N. of Jerusalem, near the source of the Jordan, received its suffix in honour of Philip the Tetrarch. It is now a heap of ruins, with the small village of Paneas, or Banias, on its site.


Caffraria. See Kaffraria.

Cagliari(pron. Cal'yari), the capital of Sardinia, at the head of a spacious bay, on the south coast of the island. By steamboat it is 34 hours from Leghorn and 27 from Naples, by rail 174 miles S. of Porto Torres. With a lagoon on either hand, it lies at the base and on the slopes of a steep hill, 300 feet high. Its harbour, defended by forts, has been enlarged since 1882; and Cagliari has a university (1596; remodelled 1764), a castle (c. 1217), and a cathedral (1312). Pop. 53,750. Cagliari occupies the site of the Carthaginian Carales, and has a Roman amphitheatre, measuring 95 1/2 by 79 yards.


Caherconlish, a village in the county and 8 miles SE. of the town of Limerick.


Ca'hir, a town in County Tipperary, on the Suir, 11 miles NW. of Clonmel. On a rock in the river is a 12th-century castle. Pop. 2056.


Cahirciveen, or Cahersiveen, a Kerry village, at the mouth of the Caher River, 39 miles WWW. of Killarney. Near it is ruined Carhan House, O'Connell's birthplace. Pop. 2013.


Cahors (Ka-or'; anc. Divona), the chief town in the French dep. of Lot, on a small rocky peninsula, formed by a bend of the river Lot, 71 miles north of Toulouse by rail. It has a 12th-century cathedral, a 14th-century bridge, and many Roman remains, including those of a magnificent aqueduct. Fenelon was a student at the university here, which, founded by Pope John XXII. in 1321, was united with that of Toulouse in 1751; and here were born the poet Marot, and Gambetta, to whom a monument was raised in 1884. Pop. 11,751.


Caicos (Kl'koes), a group of islands belonging geographically to the Bahamas, but annexed in 1874 to Jamaica. Area, with Turk's Islands, 223 sq. m.; population, 4750.


Cairnbulg, an Aberdeenshire fishing-village, 2 1/2 miles ESE. of Fraserburgh. Pop. 561.


Cairngorm, a mountain (4084 feet) of Banff and Inverness-shire, 3 miles NE. of Ben Macdhui. From it are named the yellow rock-crystals found in the neighbourhood. Cairntoul (4241 feet) is another peak of the same group.


Caivano (Ki-vah'no), a town of Italy, 4 miles N. of Naples. Pop. 10,832.