Cajabamba (Kahabam'ba), cap. of the prov. of Chimborazo, in Ecuador, 102 miles S. of Quito, on the arid plateau of Topi, at an elevation of 9480 feet. Pop. 18,000. The former town of Riobamba, founded here in 1533, was in 1797 overwhelmed by an earthquake that cost 30,000 lives.


Cajamarca (Kahamar'ka), a NW. dep. of Peru, between the western chain of the Andes and the Amazon. A railway connects it with the Pacific. Area, 14,000 sq. m.; pop. 450,000. The capital is Cajamarca; pop. 12,000.


Cakemuir, a Midlothian tower, 2 miles E. of Borthwick, whence Queen Mary fled hither.


Calahorra, a cathedral city of Spain, 30 miles SE. of Logrono by rail. It is the ancient Cala-gurris, Quintilian's birthplace, celebrated for its obstinate but unsuccessful resistance to Pom-pey's legate (78 B.C.). Pop. 8830.


Calafias (Kalan'yas), a town of Andalusia, Spain, 27 miles N. of Huelva and 13 NE. of Tharsis, with which it was connected by rail in 1887. Here is a large copper-mine. Pop. 6721.


Calascibetta (Ka-lah-shee-bet'td), or Calatasci-betta, a town of Sicily, 64 miles SE. of Palermo. Pop. 6615.


Calatafimi (Kalatafee'mee), a town of Sicily, 8 miles SW. of Alcamo; named from a ruined Saracenic castle, Kalat-al-Fimi. Here, in 1860, Garibaldi defeated the Neapolitans. Pop. 10,500.

Calatayud(Kalatayood'; Arab.' Ayud's Castle'), a city of Aragon, Spain, on the Jalon, 152 m. NE. of Madrid by rail. It is built out of the ruins of ancient Bilbilis, the birthplace of Martial, which lay about 2 miles to the east. Pop. 10,057.

Calatrava la Viega

Calatrava la Viega (Kalatrah'va), a ruined city of Spain, on the Guadiana, 12 miles NE. of Ciudad Real. Its defence against the Moors, in 1158, after being abandoned by the Templars, is famous as originating the Order of the Knights of Calatrava.


Calave'ras, an inland county of California, E. from San Francisco, with a picturesquely varied surface, including hills, canons, prairies, and forests. It is rich in granite, quartz, limestone, and slate, and copper and gold are mined.


Calder, Mid, a Midlothian village, 11 1/2 miles WSW. of Edinburgh. Near it is Calder House, where Knox celebrated the Lord's Supper (1556). Pop. 703. - West Calder, a mining town, 16 miles WSW. of Edinburgh. Pop. 2652.'

Caldron Linn

Caldron Linn, waterfalls on the Devon, 2| miles ENE. of Dollar.

Calf of Man

Calf of Man, an island, 1 sq. m. in area, and 360 feet high, at the southern extremity of the Isle of Man.


Cal'gary, a town of the North-west Territory of Canada, with station on the Canadian Pacific Railway, 2262 miles W. of Montreal, stands 3380 feet above sea-level, between the Bow and Elbow rivers. It dates from 1884. Pop. 7500. - There is a bay of this name on the north-west coast of the island of Mull in Scotland.


Cali (Kalee'; in full Santiago de Cali), a town of Colombia, 3300 feet above the sea, 50 miles SE. of Buenaventura by rail. Pop. 16,000.