Campbeltown, a royal burgh and seaport of Argyllshire, on the E. coast of the Kintyre peninsula, 83 miles SW. of Glasgow by water. It curves round the head of a sea-loch (2 3/4 x 3/4 mile), which is sheltered by Davarr Island (300 feet high), and forms a magnificent harbour. The place is an important fishing centre, and has upwards of twenty whisky distilleries. With the other Ayr burghs it returns one member to parliament. Dr Norman Macleod was a native. Pop. (1841) 6797; (1901) 8286.


Campden, a Gloucestershire market-town, 9 1/2 miles ESE. of Evesham. Pop. of Chipping Campden parish, 1536.


Campeachy (San Francisco de Campeche), a seaport on the west side of the peninsula of Yucatan. It has a citadel, university, naval academy, and shipbuilding docks. The haven is safe, but very shallow, and the trade, principally in logwood and wax, has greatly fallen off; while cigars and palm-leaf hats are almost the only manufactures. Founded in the middle of the 16th century, it was taken, occupied, and burned by buccaneers in 1685. Pop. 16,600.


Camperdown (Dutch Camperduin), a broad tract of low dunes in North Holland, 25 miles N. of Haarlem. Off here Admiral Duncan defeated the Dutch fleet under Admiral Winter, October 11, 1797.


Campinas, SAO Carlos de (Kampee'nas), a town of Brazil, 44 m. NW. of Sao Paulo. Pop. 28,000.


Campine (Kam'peen), a barren district in the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg in Belgium.


Campobasso, a town of South Italy, among the Apennines, 52 miles N. of Benevento by rail. Pop. 15,594.


Campobello, two towns of Sicily. (1) Campo-bello di Licata, 17 miles N. of Licata by rail, with sulphur-mines. Pop. 7481. - (2) Campobello di Mazzaro, 32 miles SSE. of Trapani by rail. Pop. 6586.


Campo-Formio, a village of Northern Italy, 6 miles SW. of Udine. Here peace was concluded on 17th October 1797 between Austria and the French Republic.


Campos, Sao Salvador dos, a town in the Brazilian province of Rio de Janeiro, on the Parahyba, 30 miles from its mouth. Pop. 35,000.


Campsie, a Stirlingshire parish, 12 miles N. by E. of Glasgow. The Campsie Fells (1894 feet) are part of the Lennox Hills. Norman Macleod is buried in the graveyard.

Oampvere (now Vere, Veere, or Ter-Vere), a small fortified Dutch town on the north-east of the island of Walcheren, with a port on the Veergat, which separates Walcheren from North Beveland. The town has fallen into decay; but its former prosperity is indicated by such large edifices as the town-house and cathedral church. Pop. about 900. From 1444 till 1795 it was the seat of a Scottish factory, the only staple port between Scotland and the Netherlands.


Cana, of Galilee, the scene of our Lord's first miracle, and the birthplace of Nathanael, was situated in the neighbourhood of Capernaum, to the W. of the Sea of Galilee.