Carlaverock. See Caerlaverock.


Carlingford, a seaport of County Louth, 69 miles N. of Dublin. Close by rises Carlingford Mountain (1935 feet). Carlingford Lough is 10 miles long, and 2 wide. Pop. 600.


Carlo'vitz (in England, however, usually Car'-lovitz), a town of the Austrian empire, in Sla-vonia, on the right bank of the Danube, 30 miles NW. of Belgrade. It has a Greek cathedral, and is noted for its red wine. Pop. 4916.


Carlsbad, a town in Bohemia, on the Tepl, near its influx to the Eger, 116 miles W. by N. of Prague by rail. It is widely celebrated for its hot mineral springs (117° to 167° F.), and is frequented during the season (April to October) by 30,000 visitors from all parts of Europe, many of high social standing. Set in most lovely scenery, the town is well built, and appears to stand on a vast caldron of boiling water, which is kept from bursting only by the safety-valves the springs provide. Joseph I. made Carlsbad a free town. Pop. 14,579. See works by Kraus (Lond. new ed. 1888) and Merrylees (1886).


Carlsburg. See Karlsburg.


Carlshamn, a fortified seaport on the south coast of Sweden, 30 miles W. of Carlskrona. Pop. 6529.


Carlskrona, the capital of a Swedish province, is built on five rocky islets in the Baltic, 240 miles (by rail 350) SSW. of Stockholm. It was founded in 1680 by Charles XL, who made it the great naval station of Sweden, instead of Stockholm. It has a magnificent harbour. Pop. (1875) 16,877; (1900) 23,955.


Carlsruhe (Karls-roo'eh), cap. of Baden, is 5 m.

E. of the Rhine, and 39 WNW. of Stuttgart, 34 SSW. of Heidelberg. Founded in 1715, and built in the form of a fan, with thirty-two streets radiating from the palace, it has many fine buildings - the palace itself (1776), parliament-house (1845), theatre (1853), town-hall (1821), and museum (1852), with the ducal library of 150,000 vols. Before the palace stands a bronze statue of the city's fouuder, the Margrave Charles William; and in the market-place is a stone pyramid enclosing his remains. The manufactures include engines, railway carriages, jewellery, carpets, chemicals, and cloth. Pop. (1875) 42,895; (1900) 97,164.


Carlstad, a Swedish town on the Tingvalla island, near the east shore of Lake Wener, 205 miles WSW. of Stockholm by rail. Greatly improved since the fire of 1865, it has a cathedral and two bridges connecting it with the mainland. Pop. 12,000.


Carlstadt, a fortified town of Croatia, Austro-Hungary, 32 miles SW. of Agram by rail. Pop. 7824. - Carlstadt, in Bavaria, on the Maine, 15 miles NNW. of Wurzburg. Pop. 3320.


Carlton, a town of Notts, 3 1/2 miles ENE. of Nottingham. Pop. (1861) 2559; (1901) 10,041.


Carluke, a mining town of Lanarkshire, 2 1/4 miles E. of the Clyde, and 19 1/4 SE. of Glasgow by rail. General Roy, the antiquary, was a native. Pop. 4716.