Carrickmacross, a Monaghan market-town, 51 miles NW. of Dublin. Pop. 1879.


Carrick-on-Shannon, the capital of County Leitrim, on the Shannon, 98 miles NW. of Dublin by rail. Pop. 1177.


Carrick-on-Suir (Shure), a town of Tipperary and Waterford counties, on the navigable Suir, 14 miles E. of Clonmel, and 149 SW. of Dublin by rail. It has woollen, linen, and flax factories, and neighbouring slate-quarries. There are remains of a castle (1309) of the Butler family, a branch of which took the titles of Viscount and Earl of Carrick. A stone bridge connects it with the suburb of Carrickbeg in County Waterford. Pop. (1851) 7512; (1901) 5406.


Carriden, a coast parish of Linlithgowshire, on the Firth of Forth, at the eastern termination of the Roman wall of Antonine.


Carrollton, since 1873 part of New Orleans.


Carron, a Stirlingshire village, on the river Carron, 2 miles NNW. of Falkirk. Its great ironworks (1760) till 1852 produced 'carronades,' etc, and now turn out stoves, grates, boilers, pipes, etc. Pop. 1942.


Carse, a Scottish term for low lands adjoining rivers, as the Carse of Gowrie, between Perth and Dundee, and the Carse of Forth, near Falkirk.


Carsebreck, the great curling centre of Scotland, 11 miles NNE. of Stirling.


Carshalton, a Surrey urban district, 3 miles W. by S. of Croydon. Pop. 6746.

Carson City

Carson City, capital of Nevada state, U.S., near the foot of the Sierra Nevada, 178 miles ENE. of San Francisco. It has gold and silver mines, and a U.S. mint. Pop. 2100.


Carstairs', a village of Lanarkshire, 1 mile NW. from which is Carstairs Junction on the Caledonian Railway, 28 1/2 miles SW. of Edinburgh, and 31 ESE. of Glasgow. Pop. of village, 508; of Junction, 905.


Cart, a Renfrewshire feeder of the Clyde, formed by the confluence of the Black Cart (9 miles) and White Cart (18 1/2), the latter of which has been made navigable to Paisley (q.v.).


Carthage, Cape, a headland of North Africa, jutting out into the Mediterranean, in 36° 52' N. lat., 10° 22' E. long., with traces of the ancient city of Carthage to the north of the Tunis lagoon.


Carthagena. See Cartagena.


Cartmel, a Lancashire market-town, 6 miles B. of Ulverston. It was the seat of an Augus-tinian priory (1188). Pop. 1084. See The Rural Deanery of Cartmel (1892).


Cartworth, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 6 miles S. of Haddersfield. Pop. 1838.


Carupano (Karoo'pano), a seaport of Venezuela, on the north coast of the peninsula of Paria, with a lighthouse and good roadstead. Pop. 12,389.


Carvin (Karvang), or Carvin-Epinay, a town in the French dep. of Pas-de-Calais, 11 miles SSW. of Lille by rail. Pop. 6905.


Casablanca (Arab. Dar el Beida), a port of Morocco on the Atlantic, 162 miles SW. of Fez. Pop. 8500.


Casale (Kasah'leh), a city of north Italy, on the Po, 21 miles NNW. of Alessandria by rail. It has a cathedral, the Torre del grand' Orologio, some fine palazzi, and manufactures of silk. In 1474 it became the capital of the marquisate of Montferrat. Pop. of commune, 31,S00.