Casalpusterlengo (u as oo), a town of Italy, 22 miles SE. of Milan by rail. Pop. 5513.


Casamicciola (Kasamitch'ola), a watering-place on the island of Ischia, in a valley on the north side of Monte Epomeo, with hot springs (158° F.), baths, hotels, etc, the season extending from June to September. It suffered terribly by the earthquake of 28th July 1883. Pop. 3763.

Casa Santa

Casa Santa. See Loretto.

Casas Grandes

Casas Grandes, an old Indian town of Mexico, 125 miles SW. of El Paso, surrounded with ruins of Aztec buildings, which seem to indicate a former population of 20,000 to 30,000.


Casbin. See Kazvin.


Caserta, a town of Italy, 20 1/2 miles NNE. of Naples by rail. Its magnificent palace, one of the finest in Europe, was founded by Charles III. in 1752. Pop. 32,730.


Cashel, a town in County Tipperary (till 1870 a parliamentary borough), 100 miles SW. of Dublin and 5 miles SE. of its railway station. It is the see of a Protestant bishop, and of a Roman Catholic archbishop. It is irregularly built on the south and east slopes of the isolated Rock of Cashel (300 feet), rising abruptly from a rich and extensive plain. The Rock is crowned by the ruins of a cathedral (1169), a stone-roofed chapel (1127), the palace of the Minister kings, a round tower, 90 feet high and 56 in circumference; and an old cross. At Cashel in 1172 Henry II. received the homage of the king of Limerick. Pop. (1851) 4798; (1901) 2938.


Cashgar. See Kashgar.


Cas'pe, a town of Spain, 53 miles SE. of Sara-gossa. Pop. 9377.


Cassandra (anc. Pallene), the most western of the three tongues of the Chalcidice peninsula, between the gulfs of Salonica and Cassandra. The latter (anc. Toronaicus Sinus) extends 35 miles north-westward, and is 8 to 16 miles broad.


Cassano (Kassah-no), (1) a town of S. Italy, 34 miles N. of Cosenza. Pop. 7407. - (2) On the Adda, 16 miles ENE. of Milan by rail, the scene of two sanguinary battles - a defeat in 1705 of the Imperialists by the French; and a defeat in 1799 of the French themselves by the Russians and Austrians. Pop. 5554.


Cassay. See Manipur.


Cassillis (Kassils), Ayrshire, seat of the Marquis of Ailsa, on the Doon, 4 miles NE. of Maybole.


Cassiquiare (Kassikeeah'ray), a south bifurcation of the river Orinoco (q.v.). It leaves it near Esmeralda, 200 miles from its source, and after a rapid south-west course of 130 miles, joins the Rio Negro near San Carlos.


Castalia, a fountain on Mount Parnassus in Greece, sacred to the Muses.


Castelbuono, a town of Sicily, 8 miles SE. of Cefalu. Pop. 8439.


Castelfranco, (1) a town of Italy, 8 miles SE. of Modena. Pop. 1900. - (2) A town 15 miles W. of Treviso by rail, the scene of an Austrian defeat by the French, 24th November 1805. Giorgione was a native. Pop. 7758.

Castel Gandolfo

Castel Gandolfo, a village 12 miles SE. of Rome, near the west shore of Lake Albano. Here Urban VIII. built a summer residence for the popes. Pop. 1684.