Cayes, or Aux Cayes (O Kay'), a seaport of Hayti, on the south-west coast, 95 miles WSW. of Port-au-Prince. Pop. 8000.


Caymans (Ki-mans'), three fertile coral islands, 165 miles NW. of Jamaica, of which they are a dependency. Columbus discovered them, and called them Tortugas, from the abundance of turtle, still their staple production. Area, 225 sq. m.; pop. 2322.

Cazalla de la Sierra

Cazalla de la Sierra, a Spanish town, 38 miles ENE. of Seville. Pop. 8310.


Cazem'be, an African territory extending between the Moero and Bangweolo lakes, west of 30° E. long. Here Livingstone died in 1873.


Cazorla, a town of Andalusia, Spain, 40 miles ENE. of Jaen. Pop. 6692.


Ceara (Say-a-rah'), a province of Brazil, on the north coast, with an area of 40,253 sq. m., and 952,625 inhabitants. The capital, Ceara, has a harbour, with breakwater, and is the terminus of a railway to Baturite (90 miles). Pop. 35,000.


Cebu, or Zebu, is one of the Philippine Islands (q.v.), the seventh in respect of area.


Cedar-bergen, a range in the west of Cape Colony, stretches N. and S. on the east side of Olifant River Valley, in Clanwilliam division. Sneeuwkop (6335 feet) is the highest point.

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek, a river of Virginia, U.S., giving name to the defeat of the Confederates, 19th October 1864.

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids, a town of Iowa, on the Red Cedar River, 79 miles SW. of Dubuque. It is an important railway centre, and has large flour-mills, carriage and machine works, and breweries. Pop. (1860) 1830; (1880) 10,104; (1900) 25,656.


Cefalu (Chay-fa-loo'), a city of Sicily, on the north coast, 40 miles ESE. of Palermo. It lies beneath a cliff, with a Norman cathedral and Greek ruins. Pop. 15,714.


Ceglie (Chayl'yay), a town in southern Italy, 21 miles NE. of Taranto. Pop. 13,865.


Celano, Lake of. See Fucino, Lake of.


Celaya (Se-lah'ya), a town in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, on the Rio Laja, about 150 miles by rail NW. of the city of Mexico. Pop. 28,336.


Celbridge, a town of Co. Kildare, Ireland, on the Liffey, 12 miles W. of Dublin. Pop. 915.


Cellardyke. See Anstruther.


Celle. See Zell.


Cenis. See Mont Cenis.


Cento (Chen'to), a town of central Italy, 16 miles N. by W. of Bologna. It is the birthplace of the painter Guercino. Pop. 4975.

Central America

Central America, that part of the northern half of the American continent which lies between the isthmuses of Tehuantepec and Panama, sometimes extended so as to embrace Mexico. It , includes the republics of Guatemala, Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica; Belize; and the Mexican state of Chiapa and peninsula of Yucatan. The republic of Panama (once Colombian) might now be added.

Central Asia

Central Asia. See Asia, p. 55.

Central City

Central City, the name of several villages and hamlets in the United States, and of the capital of Gilpin county, Colorado, 40 miles W. of Denver by rail, with quartz-mills and rich goldmines, and 3126 inhabitants.