Charlottetown, the capital of Prince Edward Island, on the south coast, stands on the Hillsborough estuary, which forms a secure and commodious harbour for the largest vessels. It has two colleges, an iron-foundry, a woollen-factory, and shipbuilding yards. The population is about 13,000.

Charnwood Forest

Charnwood Forest, a bare Leicestershire hill-tract (853 feet), 5 miles SW. of Loughborough.


Charolais (Sharolay'), a district in the French dep. of Saone-et-Loire, noted for its fine cattle.

Charters Towers

Charters Towers, a mining township of Northeast Queensland, situated on the northern spurs of the Towers Mountain, 820 miles NW. of Brisbane. It dates from the gold discovery here in 1871. It has railway connection with Towns-ville on the coast. Pop. 5597.


Chartres (Shahrtr), capital of the French dep. of Eure-et-Loir, on the double-channelled Eure, 55 miles SW. of Paris. It consists of an upper and lower town, connected by very steep streets; and the highest point is crowned by the glorious cathedral - in Street's opinion, the finest in France. Built chiefly between 1194 and 1260, it has two spires, of which the south-western is 342 1/2 feet high, and the north-western, 371; the latter, built in 1507-14, being, 'on the whole, the most beautiful spire on the Continent.' Other features are the three rose-windows, the splendid portals, and the 13th-century stained glass that fills no fewer than 130 windows. The weekly corn-market is one of the largest in France, and is remarkable as being under a corporation of women. Chartres has manufactures of woollen, hosiery, and leather. Population, about 20,000. The Autricum of the Carnutes (hence the present name), Chartres in 1594 was the scene of the coronation of Henry IV.


Chartreuse, La Grande (Shahr-trehz'), the original Carthusian monastery, founded by St Bruno in 1084, in the dep. of Isere, 14 miles NNE. of Grenoble, and 4268 feet above sea-level. A huge 17th-century structure, it had become practically a hotel when in 1904 the monks were expelled by the French government.


Chateaubriant (Shah-to-bree-ong'), a town in the French dep. of Loire-Inferieure, on the Chere, 40 miles NNE- of Nantes by rail. Pop. 6469.

Chateaudun(Shah,-to-dung'), apretty town in the French dep. of Eure-et-Loir, on the Loir, a tributary of the Loire, 83 miles SW. of Paris. It was almost destroyed by fire in 1723. Dunois is buried in the chapel of the stately castle. Pop. 5576.

Chateau Gaillard

Chateau Gaillard. See Andelys.


Chateau-Gontier (Shah-to-Gongt-yay'), a town in the French dep. of Mayenne, on the Mayenne, 180 miles WSW. of Paris by rail. Pop. 6281

Chateau Margaux

Chateau Margaux. See Margaux.


Chateauroux (Shahtoroo'), the capital of the French dep. of Indre, on the left bank of the river Indre, 88 miles S. of Orleans by rail. It has manufactures of woollens, iron, leather, and tobacco. Pop. (1872) 16,858; (1901) 21,060. •

Chateau-Thierry(Shah-to-Tee-er-ree'). a town in the French dep. of Aisne, 59 miles E. by N. of Paris by rail, with manufactures of mathematical instruments and woollen yarn. Here Napoleon defeated Prussians and Russians in 1814. Pop. 6519.