Chiaramonte (Kee-ah-ra-mon'teh), a town of Sicily, 30 miles W. of Syracuse. Pop. 9364.


Chia'ri (Kee-ah'ree), a town of Lombardy, 13 miles W. of Brescia by rail. Here the Austrians, under Prince Eugene, defeated the French and Spaniards, under Villeroi, 2d September 1701. Pop. 5999.


Chiavari (Kee-ah'va-ree), a port of Italy, 24 miles ESB. of Genoa by rail. Pop. 11,000.


Chiavenna (Kee-a-ven'na), a town of Lombardy, to the north of Lake Como. Pop. 4848.


Chicacole, a town on the Languliya River, 567 miles NE. of Madras. Pop. 18,355.


Chichen', one of over fifty ruined Indian towns in the Mexican province of Yucatan, a few miles WSW. of Valladolid.


Chickahom'iny, a river of Virginia, flowing 90 miles south-eastward, within 5 miles of Richmond, to the James. Four battles were fought near it in June 1862.


Chickamauga, a tributary of the Tennessee River, rising in Georgia, and flowing NW. into Tennessee, where, on its banks, the Confederates won a victory, September 19-20,1863.

Chicken Rock

Chicken Rock, 2 miles S. of the Calf of Man, with a lighthouse.


Chiclana (Chee-klah'na), a town of Spain, 12 m. SE. of Cadiz, with mineral baths. Pop. 12,339.


Chiclayo (Chee-kli'o), a town of Peru, 12 miles SE. of Lambayeque. Pop. 11,325.


Chic'opee, a town of Hampden county, Massachusetts, on the east bank of the Connecticut River, 4 miles N. of Springfield, with manufactures of cottons, firearms, swords, tools, bicycles, and bronzes. Pop. (1885) 11,528; (1900) 19,170.


Chiem-See (Keem-Zay), a lake of Upper Bavaria, 40 miles SE. of Munich, and 1650 feet above sea-level, is 12 miles long, 7 broad, and 512 feet deep. It has three islands; its surplus water is discharged by the Alz into the Inn.


Chieri (Ke-eh'ree), a town of Italy, 12 miles SE. of Turin by rail. Pop. 9494.


Chieti (Ke-ay'tee; anc. Teate), an archiepiscopal city of Italy, on a hill near the Pescara, 69 miles E. of Aquila by rail, and only 8 from the Adriatic. It has a fine Gothic cathedral. Pop. 12,273.

Chignecto Bay

Chignecto Bay, an inlet at the head of the Bay of Fundy, in British North America. It separates Nova Scotia from New Brunswick, is 30 miles long and 8 broad, and has an isthmus of only 14 miles wide, with an unfinished ship-railway (undertaken in 1889) between it and the Gulf of St Lawrence.


Chigwell, an Essex village on the border of Hainault Forest, 13 miles NE. of London. Its 'Maypole Inn' figures in Bamaby Rudge: and its grammar-school, founded by Archbishop Harsnet of York in 1629, has been enlarged since 1871 at a cost of 10,000. Penn was a pupil. Pop. of parish, 2500.


Chihuahua, the largest state of Mexico, bounded N. and NE. by New Mexico and Texas, has an area of 87,802 sq. m., and a pop. of 298,100. - Chihuahua, the decayed capital, is 225 miles S. of El Paso by rail. It has an imposing cathedral (1717-89). Pop. 25,000.