Chipping Wycombe

Chipping Wycombe. See Wycombe.


Chiquimula, a town (pop. 6000) in the east of Guatemala, which gives name to the Isthmus of Chiquimula, with a breadth from the Gulf of Honduras to the Pacific of 150 miles.


Chiquinquira, the largest town in the dep. of Boyaca, Colombia, near the Suarez, 30 miles W.

of Tunja, since Indian times a place of pilgrimage. Pop. 18,000.


Chiriqui (Tchee-re-kee'), an administrative division of the dep. of Panama, Colombia, adjoining Costa Rica. Area, 6500 sq. m.; pop. 43,000.


Chirk, a Denbighshire market-town, on the Ellesmere Canal, 9 1/4 miles S. by W. of Wrexham. Pop. of parish, 2272.


Chislehurst, a village in Kent, 11 miles SE. of London. Sir Nicholas Bacon was a native. Camden Park estate (now built over) was the residence of Camden the antiquary. Napoleon III. died at Camden Place in 1873. There are an Orphanage and a Governesses' Institution here. Pop. of parish, 7500.


Chiswick, a suburban parish of Middlesex, on the north bank of the Thames, 7 1/2 miles W. by S. of St Paul's. Here are some charming old riverside houses (one of them William Morris's home); here too are extensive market-gardens to supply London, and the gardens of the Horticultural Society. In the churchyard are Hogarth's grave and Foscolo's cenotaph; and at the Duke of Devonshire's beautiful villa, Chiswick House, died Fox and Canning. The population is over 30,000.


Chita, or Tchita, capital of Transbaikalia, on the Chita River and the great Siberian railway, 545 miles E. of Irkutsk. Pop. 12,500.


Chitaldrug, a town of Mysore, India, 126 miles NW. of Bangalore. Pop. 4571.


Chitral, a small state under the supremacy of Cashmere, in the upper basin of the Kunar, or Kashkar, a tributary of the Kabul River, and on the borders of Kafiristan.


Chittagong, or Islamabad, a port of Bengal, 220 miles E. of Calcutta, on the eastern side of the Bay of Bengal, and on the Karnaphuli River, about 12 miles from its mouth. Formerly an important centre of trade under the Portuguese, with one of the best ports in India, it has recently regained much of the commerce it lost with the rise of Calcutta. Since 1905 it is a sub-capital of Eastern Bengal and Assam. Pop. 23,200.


Chittor' (' little town'), a town of India, on the Poini, 100 miles W. of Madras. Pop. 9809.


Chiusa (Kee-oo'za), the name of several Italian towns, the largest being Chiusa Sclafani, in Sicily, 31 miles SSW. of Palermo. Pop. 6874.


Chiusi (Kee-oo'zee), a town 102 miles NNW. of Rome by rail, on an olive-clad eminence in the Val di Chiana, not far from the small Lago di Chiusi. The Clusium of the Etruscans, it has yielded many antiquities. Pop. 1824.


Chivasso (Kee-vas'so), a town of Italy, on the Po, 18 miles NE. of Turin by rail. Pop. 4375.


Chivilcoy, in the Argentine province of Buenos Ayres, is 110 miles W. of the capital. Pop. 15,000.