Compton Castle

Compton Castle, Devon, 4 miles W. of Torquay, a fine old fortified house.


Comrie, a pleasant, sheltered village of Perthshire, on the Earn, 7 miles W. of Crieff by rail (1893), often disturbed by earthquakes, notably in 1839 and 1876. Pop. 1200.


Comstock. See Virginia City.


Cona, an Argyllshire stream, flowing 9 1/2 miles eastward to Loch Linnhe. See also Glencoe.


Conacry, or Konakry, a town on the small Tombo island (9° 50' N. lat.), capital of the French territory called Rivieres du Sud on the west coast of Africa; pop. 2000.


Concarneau (Con3cahr-no'), a fishing-village of Brittany, on the east coast of Finistere, 15 miles by rail SE. of Quimper. Pop. 5845.


Concepcion, (1) a province of Chili, stretching from the Andes to the coast north of Arauco. Area, 3535 sq. m.; population, 215,000. - Concep-cion, the capital, near the mouth of the Biobio, is a regular and handsome town, with a fine cathedral. Its port, Talcahuano, on Concepcion Bay, is the safest and best harbour in all Chili. Pop. 54,180. - (2) Concepcion del Uruguay, the former capital of the Argentine province of Entre Rios, on the Uruguay, 180 miles SE. of Parana by the Entre Rios Railway. Pop. 10,000. - (3) Concepcion, a town of Paraguay, on the Paraguay River, 260 miles above Asuncion. Pop. 2000; or 15,000 with the surrounding districts. - {4) The name of several places in Bolivia, the largest being Concepcion dE Apolobamba, capital of the province of Caupolican, formerly a Franciscan mission. - (5) Concepcion, a town of Mexico, 50 miles W. of Chihuahua, in the upper Yaqui valley. - (6) Concepcion de la Vega, a town of San Domingo, 5 miles SE. of Santiago. Pop. 9000.


Concord, (1) a town of Massachusetts, 23 miles by rail NW. of Boston. As early as 1767 the people of Concord opposed the British government, and in the revolutionary skirmish here on the 19th April 1775,' the embattled farmers stood and fired the shot heard round the world.' The place was the home of Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau, and the Alcotts. In the Old Manse Emerson was born, and in it Hawthorne wrote his 'Mosses from an Old Manse.' Pop. 5727. See Bartlett's Concord (1880). - (2) Capital of New Hampshire, U.S., on the Merrimac River, 73 miles NNW. of Boston by rail. It has a fine granite state-house, celebrated quarries of white granite, and, with abundant water-power, manufactures of cotton, woollens, leather, etc Population, 25,000.


Concordia, a river-port of the Argentine state of Entre Rios, on the Uruguay, 302 miles N. of Buenos Ayres by river. Pop. 12,000.


Condamine, a headstream of the Darling (q.v.).


Conde-sur-1'Escaut (Congday-su'-VEscor), a fortified town in the French dep. of Nord, at the confluence of the Haine and Scheldt, 7 miles NNE. of Valenciennes by rail. Pop. 4586.


Conde-sur-Noireau (Congday-sur-Nwahro'), a French town in the dep. of Calvados, 23 miles SSW. of Caen. Pop. 6551.