Coolgardie, since 1893 a great gold-mining centre in Western Australia, 350 miles ENE. of Perth by rail. Pop. in 1905, 5000.


Coolins. See Cuchullins.


Coomassie, the capital of Ashanti, Western Africa, 120 miles NNW. of Cape Coast Castle. It occupies the side of a rocky hill, and is about four miles in circuit. The king's palace was burned by Wolseley in 1874. Pop. 20,000.


Coonoor (Kiinur), a pass in the Neilgherry Hills, half-way between Coimbatore and Ootaca-mund, with a hill sanatorium.

Coopers Hill

Cooper's Hill, a ridge on the borders of Berks and Surrey, commanding a beautiful view of the Thames valley, and the scene of a famous poem by Denham. Cooper's Hill College (1870), training engineers for the Indian Works Department, with its forestry school (1885), was closed in 1906.


Coorg (a corruption of Kodagu, 'steep mountain '), a province under the government of India, lying below the Western Ghats and Mysore. Area, 1583 sq. m.; pop. (1871) 168,312; (1901) 180,600, speaking a Dravidian language akin to Canarese. Great part of its area is 3000 feet above the sea.


Cootehill, a town in County Cavan, Ireland, 88 miles NW. of Dublin. Pop. 1503.


Copais, or Topolias, a marshy lake of ;otia, NW. of Thebes, was almost all successfully drained in 1876-86.


Copan, an Indian village in the south-western corner of the Central American state of Honduras, in a mountainous region, the site of a ruined city of great magnificence.

Copeland Forest

Copeland Forest, a Cumberland moorland, 2927 feet high, between Ennerdale and Wast Waters.

Copeland Islands

Copeland Islands, belonging to Bangor parish, County Down.


Copiapo (Co-pe-a-po'), capital of the Chilian dep. of Atacama, on the Copiapo River, 30 miles from its mouth; pop. 10,374.


Copinshay, a small Orkney island, 2 1/2 miles from the SE. point of Mainland. Pop. 9.

Coppermine River

Coppermine River, so named, like the Copper Mountains to the west of it, from the copper of the vicinity, runs 250 miles through the Northwest Territory of Canada to the Arctic Ocean, about 68° N. lat., and 116° W. long. Hearne discovered it in 1771.


Coppet (Coppay'), a Swiss village, 8 m. N. by E. of Geneva by rail, with a chateau, where Necker and his daughter, Mine, de Stael, are buried, and where the latter spent much of her life.


Coquet, a beautiful stream of Northumberland, flowing 40 miles to the sea below Warkworth. Coquet Island is 1 mile E. by S. of its mouth.


Coquimbo, or La Serena, capital of a province of Chili, near the mouth of the river Coquimbo, is a handsome town, with a cathedral. Pop. 16,000. The port of Coquimbo is on a bay 6 miles SW., and has a pop. of 7000. - Area of province, 12,S55 sq. m.; pop, 200,000.

Coral Sea is that section of the Pacific which stretches between Australia on the west and the New Hebrides on the east.