Cromford, a town of Derbyshire, on the Der-went, 2 miles N. by E. of Wirksworth. Ark-wright migrated hither in 1771. Pop. 1082.


Crompton, a northern suburb of Oldham.


Cronstadt, a strongly fortified Russian sea-port, 20 miles W. of St Petersburg, on a narrow island 7 miles long, at the narrowest part of the Gulf of Finland, and over against the mouth of the Neva. Founded by Peter the Great in 1710, it is at once the greatest naval station and the most flourishing commercial port of Russia. It is the seat of the Russian Admiralty; has three harbours; and since 1884 has been connected with St Petersburg by a ship-canal 207 feet wide and 22 feet deep. Cronstadt contains a cathedral, a statue of Peter the Great, and a British seamen's hospital (1867). Pop. 61,000., Cronstadt, in Hungary. See Kronstadt.


Crookhaven, a fishing-village of County Cork, 30 miles SW. of Skibbereen.

Crookston Castle

Crookston Castle, a ruined castle of Renfrewshire, 5 1/4 miles ESE. of Paisley. Darnley's betrothal to Queen Mary is falsely placed here.

Cropredy Bridge

Cropredy Bridge, near Banbury, gives name to Charles I.'s defeat of Waller (29th June 1644), Crosby, Great, a watering-place 6 1/2 miles N. by W. of Liverpool. Pop. 7800.


Crossmaglen', an Armagh market-town, 3 miles NE. of Culloville. Pop. 774.


Crossraguel ('Cross of St Regulus'), a ruined Clugniac abbey (1244) in Ayrshire, 2 miles SW. of May bole.

Cross River

Cross River. See Calabar.


Crosthwaite, the parish containing Keswick (q.v.). In its churchyard is Southey's grave.


Crotona. See Cortona.


Crowborough, a village in East Sussex, 7 miles S. of Tunbridge Wells, 2 miles E. of Crowborough Beacon (804 feet). Pop. 3000.


Crowland, or Croyland, a Lincolnshire market-town, on the Welland, in the Fens, 10 miles NNE. of Peterborough. Here in 716 King Ethel-wald founded a monastery, which, restored in 1113, became a mitred Benedictine abbey of singular magnificence. The north aisle of its church now serves as the parish church; the so-called ' triangular' bridge, now waterless, was built by an abbot about 1380. Pop. of parish, 2800. See Perry's Crowland Abbey (1867).


Crowle, a market-town of Lincolnshire, 7 miles E. by S. of Thome. Pop. of parish, 2741.

Crown Point

Crown Point, a village of New York, on Lake Champlain. A British fort here was captured by Colonel Ethan Allen in 1775.


Croyland. See Crowland.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace. See Sydenham.

Crozet Islands

Crozet Islands, a rocky, uninhabited group to the south of the Indian Ocean, almost on a line between the Cape of Good Hope and Kerguelen's Land, in lat. 46° S., and long. 52° E.


Csaba, a town of Hungary, 7 miles S. of Bekes by rail. Pop. 37,616.


Csanad, a village in Hungary, on the Maros, 22 miles E. of Szegedin. Pop. 2977.


Csongrad, a town of Hungary, at the confluence of the Theiss and the Koros, 75 miles SE. of Pesth. Pop. 27,837.