Cuando, a name of the Chobe, a tributary of the Zambesi (q.v.).


Cuango, or Kwanoo. See Congo.


Cubango, a river of central Southern Africa, the chief feeder of Lake Ngami.


Cuchullins, or Coolins, a group of sublimely picturesque mountains in the south of Skye, attaining 3183 feet.


Cuckfield, a Sussex market-town, 12 miles NNW. of Lewes. Pop. 1837.


Cucuta, San Jose de, a town in the Colombian dep. of Santander, on the Rio Zulia, 35 miles S. of Puerto Villamizar by rail. It was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1875. Pop. 10,000. - Rosario de Cucuta, to the SE., has also large plantations of coffee and cacao. Pop. 6000.


Cuddalore (Kudalur or Gudulur), the chief town in South Arcot, on the Coromandel or east coast of India, 16 miles S. of Pondicherry. It has a large trade by land with Madras in oils, indigo, and sugar, and exports grain by sea. Cuddalore, for 77 years British, was in 1758 taken by the French, but finally ceded to Britain in 1785. Pop. 53,000.


Cuddapah, a town 161 miles NW. by rail of Madras. Pop. 18,982.


Cuddesdon, a village of Oxfordshire, 6 miles ESE. of Oxford. Here are the palace of the bishops of Oxford, rebuilt by Bishop Fell in 1679, and a theological college (1854).


Cuenca (Kwen-ka), a decayed city of Spain, 85 miles ESE. of Madrid, stands 2960 feet above sea-level, at the confluence of the Jucarand Huecar. It has a very interesting cathedral (1177-1669). Pop. 10,300. - Area of province of Cuenca, 6726 sq. m.; pop. 251,000.


Cuenca, a cathedral city of Ecuador, on the Rio Paute, 190 miles SSW. of Quito, on a fertile tableland, 8469 feet above the sea. Pop. 30,000.


Cuernavaca (Kweravah'ka), capital of the Mexican state Morelos, 40 miles S. of Mexico City. Near it is the famed teocalli of Xochicalco. Pop. 17,000.

Cuevas de Vera

Cuevas de Vera (Kway'vas day Vay'ra), a town in the Spanish province of Almeria, on the Alman-zora, 70 miles WSW. of Cartagena. Pop. 20,558.


Culbin, a sandy desert on the Moray Firth, 15 sq. m. in area, about the mouth of the Findhorn, It was formed between 12th and 17th centuries, and some of its drifted sand-hills are 100 ft. high.


Culebra (Coolay'bra), one of the Virgin Islands- Culenborg, or Kuilenburo, a town of Holland, on the Lek, 11 miles SSE. of Utrecht. Pop. 6798.


Culiacan', a city of Mexico, on the Rio de Culiacan, 100 miles SE. of Sinaloa. Pop. 11,000.


Cullen, a fishing-town of Banffshire, on the Moray Firth, 67 miles NW. of Aberdeen by railway (1885). Backed by the conical Bin Hill (1050 feet), it has a harbour (1817-34), a cruciform parish church, and Cullen House, a seat of the Earl of Seafield. A royal burgh since about 1200, Cullen unites with Elgin, etc, to return one member. Pop. 4100.


Cullera (Kool-yay'ra), a Spanish port, near the Jucar's mouth, 25 m. SSE. of Valencia. Pop. 11,950.