Cumnor, a Berkshire village, 3f miles WSW. of Oxford. The house in which Amy Robsart was murdered is gone.


Cunaxa, east of the Euphrates, 60 miles N. of Babylon, the battlefield (401 B.C.) where Cyrus the younger, supported by Xenophon and 13,000 Greeks, was defeated by his brother Artaxerxes Mnemon, and slain.


Cundinamarca, a central dep. of Colombia. Area, 79,810 sq. m.; pop. 567,658. The capital is Bogota, also capital of the republic.


Cunene (Koo-nay'nay), a river of Portuguese South Africa, flowing 600 miles southward and westward to the sea 60 miles north of Cape Frio.


Cuneo. See Coni.


Cunninghame, the northern of the three old divisions of Ayrshire.


Cupar, or Cupar-Fife, the county town of Fife, on the Eden, 10 miles W. by S. of St Andrews, and 30 NNE. of Edinburgh. Brewing, tanning, etc. are carried on; and there is a large corn-market. Lord Campbell was a native. The place has been a royal burgh since at least 1363, and it unites with St Andrews, etc. to return one member. Pop. (1851) 5605; (1901) 4483. See also Coupar- Angus.


Cura, Ciudad de, a town of Venezuela, 00 miles SW. of Caracas. Pop. 12,644.


Curasao (Koo-ra-sah'o; also spelt Curagoa), the most important of the Dutch West India Islands. It lies 40 miles from the coast of Venezuela, is 36 miles long by 8 broad, and has a population of 30,000. The capital is Willemstad, on the Bay of St Anna, with 10,000 inhabitants. The chief produce is salt, but careful cultivation produoes sugar, tobacco, maize, figs, cocoa, cocoa-nuts, lemons, and the oranges with which the Curagoa liqueur is prepared in Holland. The colonial government has authority not merely over the neighbouring Windward Islands, Aruba and Bonaire, but also St Eustache, Saba, and the Dutch part of St Martin. Altogether the Dutch West Indies have a population of about 52,000. Curacao was discovered by Spain in 1527, taken by the Dutch in 1634, by the English in 1807, and restored to Holland in 1815- Curia Muria. See Kuria Muria.

Curisches Haff

Curisches Haff. See Kurisches Haff.


Curico, a town of Chili, near the Rio Lontue, 140 miles SSE. of Valparaiso. Pop. 15,110.


Curragh, a large undulating down in Ireland, 2 miles E. of Kildare town. It is crown property, and in it is a large camp of exercise, established in 1855. It is even better known as a racecourse.


Currie, a Midlothian village, 6 miles SW. of Edinburgh. Pop. 333.


Curzola (Koortz'ola; anc. Corcyra), a Dalmatian island of the Adriatic, 30 miles long by 5 broad. Pop. 18,934 (1938 in Curzola town in the NE.).


Cusset (Kus-say'), a town 2 miles NE. of Vichy (q.v.), with two mineral springs. Pop. 6125.


Custozza (Koostotz'a), a village 10 miles SW. of Verona, where the Italians have twice - in 1848 and 1866 - been utterly defeated by the Austrians.


Custrin. See Kustrin.