Dacia, the land of the ancient Daci or Getse, including the country between the Danube, the Theiss, the Carpathians, and the Pruth.

Daer Water

Daer Water. See Clyde.


Daghestan ('mountain-land'), a triangular territory of Ciscaucasia, between the Caucasus and the west coast of the Caspian Sea. Area, 11,425 sq. m.; pop. 589,705.


Dago, an island near the entrance of the Gulf of Finland, forming part of the Russian government of Esthonia. Area, 367 sq. m.; pop. 15,000.


Dagupan, an important commercial town of Luzon, Philippine Islands, in the Lingayen Gulf, connected with Manila by rail. Pop. 20,500.


Dahlak, three islands, with many smaller rocks, in the Red Sea, off Massowah.


Dahlia. See Arabia.


Dahra, a district of Algeria, to the east of Mostaganem, and near the coast.


Dailly, an Ayrshire village, on Girvan Water, 2 miles SSW. of Maybole. Pop. 506.


Daimiel, a town of Spain, 28 miles ENE. of Ciudad Real by rail. Pop. 12,000.


Dakar, a seaport with a magnificent harbour in French Senegal, opposite the island of Goree (q.v.), capital of the settlement, and terminus of the railway towards Timbuctoo. Pop. 2000.


Dakota. See North and South Dakota.


Dalbeattie, a Kirkcudbrightshire town, near Urr Water, 15 miles SW. of Dumfries. Founded in 1780, it owed its importance to the neighbouring Craignair granite quarries (now largely exhausted). Pop.(1841) 1430; (1901) 3469.


Dalecarlia, or Dalarne, an old province of central Sweden, now the county of Kopparberg.


Dalgety, in 1904 chosen to be Federal Capital of the Australian Commonwealth, is in the SE. corner of New South Wales, 296 miles SW. of Sydney.

Dalhousie Castle

Dalhousie Castle, the seat of the Earl of Dal-housie, in Midlothian, on the South Esk, 2 1/4 miles S. by W. of Dalkeith.


Dalias, a Spanish mining town, 18 miles WSW. of Almeria. Pop. 6294.


Dalkeith, a town of Midlothian, 6 miles SE. of Edinburgh, on a tongue of land between the North and South Esks. There is a large corn exchange (1855); of nearly a dozen places of worship the only old one is the parish church, collegiate once, of which Norman Macleod was minister. Dalkeith Palace, a seat of the Duke of Buccleuch, is a Grecian edifice, built in 1700 by Sir John Vanbrugh for Monmouth's widowed duchess. Professor Tait was born here. Pop. (1841) 4831; (1901) 6812.


Dalkey (Dal-kee'), a delightfully situated coast-town, 8 miles SE. of Dublin. Pop. 3397.


Dallas, capital of Dallas county, Texas, on Trinity River, 265 miles NNW. of Houston. A flourishing place, it has flour-mills and grain-elevators, foundries, and manufactures of woollens, soap, etc. Pop. (1880) 10,358; (1900) 42,640.


Dalles. See Columbia River.


Dalmahoy, the Earl of Morton's Midlothian seat, 1 1/2 mile S. by E. of Ratho. Near it are the Dalmahoy Crags (680 feet).