Dharwar, a town in the southern Mahratta country, Bombay presidency, separated by the river Tungabhadra from Madras. Pop. 32,841.


Dholka, a town of Bombay presidency, 22 miles SW. of Ahmadabad. Pop. 18,716.


Dholpore, a native state of Rajputana, Central India, on the north bank of the Chumbul, with an area of 1156 sq. m., and a pop. of 279,890. Capital, Dholpore, on the Chumbul, 34 miles S. of Agra by rail. Two religious fairs are held every year at Machkund, a lake 3 miles to the west, with 114 temples on its banks.


Dhuheartach, an Argyllshire islet, 15 1/2 miles SW. of Iona, with a lighthouse (1867-72).


Dhwalagiri (Dwalagir'ree, g hard), once supposed to be the highest peak of the Himalayas, but really at most only the third (26,826 feet). It is in Nepal, in 29° N. lat. and 82° 30' E. long.


Diablerets (De-ab'ler'-ay'), a four-peaked mountain (10,651 feet) of the Bernese Alps, Switzerland, on the frontiers of Bern and Valais. There were terrible landslips here in 1714 and 1749.


Diamantina (Dee-a-man-tee'na), an episcopal town in the Brazilian province of Minas Geraee; centre of a rich diamond district. Pop. 13,000.

Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour, a port on the Hooghly, 38 miles SSW. of Calcutta by rail, 41 by river.


Diarbek'ir (anc. Amida), a decayed town of Asiatic Turkey, on the right bank of the Tigris, 390 miles NW. of Bagdad. It is walled, and commanded by a citadel built on a high basalt rock, against which the flat-roofed houses rise above each other in terraces. Pop. 40,000.


Didcot, the junction for Oxford, 53 miles W. by N. of London.


Diedenhofen. See Thionville.

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia (De-ay'go), a low coral island of the Indian Ocean, a dependency of Mauritius, in 7° S. lat. and 72°-73° E. long., extends 30 miles in a horseshoe shape, embracing between its extremities three minor islets (the Chagos Islands). It is convenient for coaling. Pop. 700.

Diego Suarez

Diego Suarez, a fine bay at the north end of Madagascar, ceded to France by treaty in 1885.


Diest (Deest), a Belgian town, on the Demer, 37 miles SE. of Antwerp. Pop. 7599.


Digby, a seaport of Nova Scotia, on St Mary's Bay, reputed for its cured pilchards. Pop. 1951.


Digne (Deen), a cathedral city in the French dep. of Basses-Alpes, on the Bleonne, 70 miles NE. of Marseilles. Pop. 6584.


Dihong. See Brahmaputra.


Dillingen (Dil'ling-en), a Bavarian town, on the Danube, 51 miles WSW. of Ingolstadt. In the castle the bishops of Augsburg formerly resided, and here they founded a university (1554-1804), from 1564 an active Jesuit centre. Pop. 5860.


Dilman', a town of Northern Pei'sia, 75 miles W. of Tabriz. Pop. 6000.


Dilston, the ruined seat of the Jacobite Earl of Derwentwater, in Northumberland, 2 1/2 miles E. by S. of Hexham.


Dinajpur, a town in Rajshahi division (Kuch Behar), Eastern Bengal, on the Purnabhaba, 221 miles N. of Calcutta by rail. Pop. 12,560.