Dinapore (Danapur), military headquarters of the district of Patna in Bengal, on the Ganges, 12 miles W. of Patna. Pop. 35,000.


Dinard, the most fashionable watering-place in Brittany, on the Ranee estuary opposite St Malo (q.v.) and St Servan. Pop. 6000.

Dinaric Alps

Dina'ric Alps, the mountains connecting the Julian Alps with the Balkan system; the main range, stretching SE., separates Dalmatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The highest summits are Orjen (6225) and Dinara (5940).

Dinas Mowddwy

Dinas Mowddwy (Din'as Mowth'ee), a market-town of Merionethshire, 10 miles E. by S. of Dolgelly. Pop. of Mallwyd urban district, 885.


Din'digal, a town in the presidency of Madras, 40 miles NNW. of Madura by rail. Pop. 25,182.


Dingle, a seaport on the north side of Dingle Bay, in County Kerry, Ireland, 27 miles SW. of Tralee. Pop. 1964.


Dingwall (Scand., 'court hill'), the county town of Ross-shire, near the head of the Cromarty Firth, and at the entrance to the valley of Strath-peffer, 13 1/2 miles NW. of Inverness (by rail 18 1/2). A royal burgh since 1226, it unites with Wick, etc. to return one member. Pop. 2500.


Dinkelsbuhl, an ancient walled town of Bavaria, 19 miles NNW. of Nordlingen. Pop. 4657.

Diomede Islands

Diomede Islands, a group of three small islands in Behring Strait, forming, as it were, stepping-stones between Asia and America.

Dirk-Hartog Island

Dirk-Hartog Island, measuring 40 miles by. 10, lies off the west coast of Australia. With Peron Peninsula to the south, it encloses the Freycinet Inlet, and, with two smaller islands to the north, forms the breastwork of Shark's Bay.


Dirleton, a Haddingtonshire village, with a fine ruined castle, 2 1/2 miles WSW. of North Berwick. Pop. 313.


Dirschau (Deer'show), a town of Prussia, 20 miles SSE. of Danzig, on the Vistula, here crossed by a railway viaduct (1857) 911 yards long. Polish from 1466 till 1772, it now has great railway works and sugar-factories. Pop. 13,146.


Disco, an island on the west coast of Greenland, in 70° N. lat. It is 90 miles long and 3000 feet high, and has good coal. The harbour of Godhavn is on the south coast.

Dismal Swamp

Dismal Swamp, measuring 30 miles from north to south by 10 in breadth, lies chiefly in Virginia, but partly in North Carolina, and in the centre has Lake Drummond, 6 miles broad. It formerly was a frequent hiding-place of runaway slaves. Its dense growth of cypress and cedar has been greatly thinned, and part of the region has been reclaimed. It is intersected by a canal connecting Chesapeake Bay and Albemarle Sound.


Diss, a market-town of Norfolk, on a rising-ground above a mere of 5 acres, 19 miles SSW. of Norwich. Skelton was rector here. Pop. 3763.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia, a district of the United States, containing Washington (q.v.) and Georgetown, is bounded west by the Potomac, and elsewhere by Maryland. Area, 60 sq. m.; pop. (1890) 230,392. Till 1871 the district remained an unorganised territory, under congress; but in that year a territorial government was organised, and in 1878 congress placed the whole control of it under three commissioners, appointed by the president and approved by the senate.