Dove, a river rising 4 miles SW. of Buxton, and flowing 45 miles S. and SE. along the borders of Derby and Stafford shires to the Trent, at Newton Solney. It was the favourite fishing stream of Izaak Walton, who lived here with Charles Cotton; and it is still beloved of anglers. - Dove-dale is a romantic glen, forming the course of this 'princess of rivers' for 3 miles, between Thorpe Mill and Mill Dale, below Alstonfield.


Dovercourt, a watering-place forming a southern extension of Harwich (q.v.). Pop. 2720.


Doveron. See Deveron.


Dovrefjeld (Dov'reh-fyeld), part of the mountainous plateau of Norway, connecting the Kiolen Mountains with the Jotun Fjelde. The average elevation ranges from 2650 to 3600 feet; the highest point is Snehsetten (7566).


Dowlais. See Merthyr-Tydvil.


Dowlatabad. See Daulatabad.

Downham Market

Downham Market, a town of Norfolk, on the Ouse, in a flat fen country, 11 miles S. by W. of Lynn. Pop. 2637.


Downpatrick, or simply Down, the capital of County Down, near the influx of the Quoyle into the south-west end of Lough Strangford, 27 miles SE. of Belfast. It takes name from St Patrick, and is the seat of the diocese of Down, united with Dromore in 1842. It returned a member till 1885. Pop. (1861) 4317; (1901) 2993.


Downton, a Wiltshire town, on the Avon, here split into three branches, 6 miles SSE. of Salisbury. It has an Early English market-cross, a cruciform church, an agricultural college (1880), and a singular earthwork (the Moot); whilst 2 miles north is Trafalgar House, presented in 1814 by the nation to Lord Nelson's brother and successor. Pop. of parish, 3430.


Drachenfels ('Dragon's Rock'), a peak (1056 feet) of the Siebengebirge, on the Rhine's right bank, 8 miles SE. of Bonn. It commands a glorious prospect, and may be gained by a mountain railway (1883).


Draguignan (Dra-geen-yong'), capital of the dep. of Var, and at the base of the wooded Malmont (2151 feet), 51 m. by rail NE. of Toulon. Pop. 8904.


Drakenberge (Drah'ken-ber-geh, g hard; in Dutch, the ' Dragon Mountains'), the range in the east of South Africa, between Cape Colony and the Vaal River. From 29° S. lat. the three chains which form the southern portion unite and extend north-eastward in one mass, its highest points the Mont aux Sources and Catkin Peak (10,360 feet). The range is crossed by Van Reenen (5415) and De Beers (5035) passes.


Drammen, a seaport of Norway, 33 miles SW-of Christiania by rail, on the Dramselv, which here discharges its waters through the Drains-fiord into the Gulf of Christiania, and which is crossed here by three bridges, one of them 345 yards long. There are sawmills and chicory factories. Pop. 24,100.


Drave (Ger. Drau), a river of Austria, rising in the Tyrol, at an altitude of 5477 feet, and flowing 447 miles ESE., through or along the borders of Styria, Croatia, Slavonia, and Hungary, till, 10 miles below Essek, it falls into the Danube. At first a mountain-torrent, from Villach downwards (379 miles) it is navigable.