Duluth (Doo-looth'), a city of Minnesota, the capital of St Louis county, at the west end of Lake Superior, 156 miles NNE. of St Paul. It has one of the finest harbours in the United States, protected by a natural breakwater known as Minnesota Point, which is 7 miles long and about 750 feet broad; and great improvements have been effected in the matters of dredging, the construction of piers, and the extension of deep-water navigation to the falls of the St Louis River, 15 miles from the lake. The ship-canal (depth about 23 feet) through Minnesota Point forms the chief entrance way between Lake Superior and the harbour. Duluth contains a custom-house, United States land office, large steam sawmills, a steam-forge, stock-yards, etc. Advantageously situated at the head of navigation of the great chain of lakes, and with immense deposits of iron, granite, and freestone in the immediate vicinity, it has rapidly increased in population and in wealth. Grain, flour, iron ore, and lumber are the main exports. Pop. (1880) 3483; (1890) 33,115; (1900) 52,970.