Durisdeer, a parish of upper Nithsdale, 21 miles NNW. of Dumfries. In its church are interesting monuments of the Queensberry family.


Durkheim (Durk'hime), a town of Rhenish Bavaria, 6 miles SW. of Mannheim. Pop. 6311.


Durlach (Door'lahh), a town of Baden, on the Pfinz, 4 miles E. of Carlsruhe by rail. Pop. 11,350.


Durrenstein (Dur'ren-stine), a village of Lower Austria, on the left bank of the Danube, 45 miles WNW. of Vienna. In its ruined castle, Richard ;ur-de-Lion was confined by Leopold of Austria for three months. Pop. 650.


Durrow, a market-town of Queen's county, 2 miles NW. of Attanagh station. Pop. 557.


Dursley, a town of Gloucestershire, near the Coteswold hills, 15 miles SW. of Gloucester by rail. Pop. of parish, 2369.


Dwarka, a town with a lighthouse near the north-west corner of the peninsula of Kathiawar, 235 miles SW. of Ahmedabad. On an eminence stands a great temple of Krishna, visited annually by 10,000 pilgrims. Pop. 5000.


Dwina, two important rivers of Russia. - (1) The Northern Dwina is formed by the Suchona and the Jug, two streams rising in the government of Vologda, and uniting in 60° 46' N. lat., 46° 20' E. long. It flows north-westward through a flat country, to the Gulf of Archangel, which it enters by three principal mouths, of which only the easternmost is navigable. Its length is 450 miles (with the Suchona, 760). The chief tributaries are the Vaga, Emza, Pinega, and Vyt-chegda, the last 625 miles long (500 navigable). The river is free from ice from May to October. Its waters are rich in fish. - (2) The Western Dwina (Ger. Duna) rises in the government of Tver, not far from the sources of the Volga and the Dnieper, and flows 580 miles WSW. and WNW. to the Gulf of Riga, being navigable from the Mezha's confluence, although shallows and rapids greatly impede traffic. It is connected by canals with the Black Sea, the Caspian, the Gulf of Finland, etc.


Dyrrhachium. See Durazzo.


Dy'sart, an old-fashioned seaport of Fife, on the Firth of Forth, 2 1/2 miles NE. of Kirkcaldy, much of whose extended municipal burgh lies within Dysart's parliamentary boundary. It owes its name (Lat. desertum, ' a solitude ') to St Serf's cave near Dysart House, Lord Rosslyn's seat. James V. made it a royal burgh, and with Kirkcaldy, etc, it returns one member. Pop. of royal burgh, 3539; of parliamentary, 15,256.


Dzungaria. See Zungaria.


EAGLE, an island of County Mayo, 3 miles SW. of Erris Head.


Eaglehawk, a gold-mining town of Victoria, 4 miles NNW. of Bendigo. Pop. 8315.


Eaglesham, a Renfrewshire village, 8 1/2 miles S. of Glasgow. Pop. (1861) 1769; (1901) 686.


Ealing, a municipal borough (1901) of Middlesex, 5 3/4 miles W. of Paddington by rail. It is the birthplace of Huxley. Pop. 36,000.


Earlestown, a town of Lancashire, 5 miles N. of Warrington. It has manufactures of sugar, iron, etc. Pop. S000.