East Orange

East Orange, a manufacturing and residential city of New Jersey, adjoining Orange, and 13 miles E. of Jersey City. Pop. 21,600.

East Providence

East Providence, a town of Rhode Island, separated from Providence by the Blackstone River. Pop. 12,540.

East River

East River, the strait between Long Island Sound and New York Harbour, separating Brooklyn (q.v.) and New York. It is 10 miles long, 1/2 mile wide at the narrowest, and navigable by the largest ships.

East St Louis

East St Louis, a town of Illinois, connected with St Louis, Missouri, by a bridge over the Mississippi. Pop. (1880) 9185; (1900) 29,655.


Eastwood, an urban dist. in the county, and 8 miles NW. of the town, of Nottingham. Pop. 4820.

Eaton Hall

Eaton Hall, 3 1/2 miles S. of Chester, the Duke of Westminster's splendid Gothic seat (1803).

Eau Claire

Eau Claire (0 Clair), capital of Eau Claire county, Wisconsin, at the mouth of the Eau Claire River, and at the head of navigation on the Chippewa River, 183 m. NW. of Madison by rail. It has a vast trade in lumber, and numerous sawmills, besides planing-mills, foundries, machine-shops, etc. Pop. (1870) 2293; (1900) 17,517.

Eaux Bonnes

Eaux Bonnes (0 Bonn), a French watering-place, in a gorge of the Pyrenees, 2454 feet above the sea, and 29 miles S. of Pau. Pop. 765, with 6000 to 10,000 visitors in the season (July to August). The springs, both hot (53° to 91° F.) and cold, contain sulphur and sodium, and are used for disorders of the chest and respiratory organs.

Eaux Chaudes

Eaux Chaudes (O Shoad), a watering-place of France, 27 miles S. by W. of Pau, situated in a narrow Pyrenean valley, 2215 feet above sea-level. Its sulphurous waters (50° to 93° F.) are useful for catarrh, rheumatism, and skin-diseases.


Ebal. See Gerizim.


Ebbsfleet. See Ramsgate.

Ebbw Vale

Ebbw Vale (Ebboo), an urban sanitary district of Monmouthshire, 21 miles NNW. of Newport, lies in the middle of a rich iron and coal district, and has numerous ironworks. Pop. 21,025.


Eberswalde (Ay'bers-val'deh), an industrial town of Prussia, 28 miles NE. of Berlin by rail, with manufactories of nails, paper, etc. Pop. 23,241.


Eboli (Eb'o-lee; anc. Eburi), a town of Italy, 49 miles SE. of Naples by rail. Pop. 10,000.


Eboracum. See York.


Ebro (Lat. Hiberus), a Spanish river, rising at an altitude of 2778 feet, in Santander province, within 20 miles of the Bay of Biscay. Thence it flows 442 miles SE. to the Mediterranean below Tortosa. The mouth is choked up with sand, but the San Carlos canal has been carried through the delta. Affluents are the Najerilla, Jiloca, and Guadalope from the right, and the Aragon, Gallego, and Segre from the left. Narrow and sometimes rocky, its course is obstructed by shoals and rapids; but this is partly remedied by Charles V.'s Imperial Canal, extending from Tudela to 40 miles below Saragossa.


Ecbat'ana. See Hamadan.