Edfu (Coptic Atbo, Egypt. Teb, Gr. Apollino-polis Magna), a town of Upper Egypt, on the Nile's left bank, in 25° N. lat., and 32° 45' E. long. It contains the remains of two temples: the larger (451 by 250 feet) is the best-preserved monument of its kind in Egypt, and was founded by Ptolemy IV. Philopator about 210 B.C. Pop. 2000.


Edgbaston, a western suburb of Birmingham.

The Oratory here (1849) was founded by, and till his death was the home of, Cardinal Newman.


Edgehill, a hill-ridge on the border of Warwick and Oxford shires, 14 miles SSE. of Warwick. A tower, erected in 1760, marks the scene of the indecisive battle, the first in the Great Rebellion, which was fought on Sunday, 23d October 1642, between 12,000 royalists under Charles I. and 10,000 parliamentarians under the Earl of Essex.


Edgewater, once a town of Staten Island, since 1897 included in Richmond borough of New York.


Edgeworthstown, a town of County Longford, 67 1/2 miles WNW. of Dublin. It was the home of Maria Edgeworth. Pop. 570.


Edgware, a village of Middlesex, 11 1/4 miles NW. of King's Cross station. In a forge here, where he had taken refuge from the rain, Handel conceived his 'Harmonious Blacksmith.' Pop. of parish, 864.

Edins Hall

Edin's Hall, a ruined broch in Berwickshire, on Cockburnlaw, 4 1/2 miles NNW. of Duns.


Edmonton, an urban district of Middlesex, 10 1/2 miles NNE. of Liverpool Street Station, London. Lamb spent his last years here, and is buried in the churchyard; and here, too, is the 'Bell,' where John Gilpin did not dine. Pop. of parish (1861) 10,936; (1891) 36,351; (1901) 46,899.


Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta, as defined in 1905, is situated on the North Saskatchewan River, which is navigable hither from Winnipeg. Pop. 3000.


Ednam, a Roxburgh parish, on the Eden, 2 1/2 miles NNE. of Kelso. The poet, James Thomson, was a native.


Edom (Heb., 'red'), a name applied to the whole country extending from the Dead Sea southwards to the Gulf of Akabah. Its chief town, Sela, stood on the eastern slope of Mount Hor (4320 feet), the highest peak of Mount Seir, other towns being Maon (now Maan), Bozrah (now Buseirah), Punon, and the seaports Elath and Ezion-geber on the Gulf of Akabah.


Edwardesabad, a town and cantonment in the Kuram Valley, 50 miles up from the Indus, named from Sir Herbert Edwardes, who reduced the tribes here to order. Pop. 10,000.

Edzell Castle

Edzell Castle, Forfarshire, 7 miles N. by W. of Brechin, a ruined seat of the Lindsays.


Eecloo, a town of Belgium, on the Lieve, 12 miles NW. of Ghent by rail. It manufactures woollens, cottons, etc. Pop. 13,164.

Eel Pie Island

Eel Pie Island, Middlesex, in the Thames, opposite Twickenham.


Egba, an African state or territory on the borders of Dahomey and the Yoruba country.