Elgon, a volcanic mountain mass, 40 miles square, in British East Africa, 50 miles NNE. of the Victoria Nyanza, first visited by Joseph Thomson in 1883; highest point of the crater's rim, 14,100 feet above the sea. The southern slopes show a series of vast caves, partly artificial.


Elie, a watering-place of Fife, 23 miles NE. of Edinburgh. Pop. with Earlsferry (q.v.) 1000.

Eliock House

Eliock House, the birthplace of the ' Admirable'Crichton, in Dumfriesshire, 3 miles SE. of Sanquhar.


Elizabetgrad, a fortified town of South Russia, in the government of Kherson, 283 miles by rail NE. of Odessa. Soap-boiling, tallow-refining, and candle-making are carried on. Elizabetgrad was founded in 1754, and named after the Empress Elizabeth. Pop. 63,418.

Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City, capital of Union county, New Jersey, and formerly capital of the state, lies 5 miles SSW. of Newark by rail, with one quarter (Elizabethport) on Staten Island Sound. It is the seat of a large Singer sewing-machine factory, and of manufactories of oilcloth, pottery, ironwares, hats, combs, etc. Elizabethport has steamboat communication with New York City, 12 miles NW., and ships much anthracite coal. A great drawbridge over Staten Island Sound, 800 feet long, with a draw-span 500 feet long, connects New Jersey here with the Staten Island shore. Pop. (1880) 28,229; (1900) 52,130.


Elizabetpol, a town of Russian Transcaucasia, on a tributary of the Kur. Pop. 19,000.


Elkhart, a town of Indiana, at the junction of the St Joseph and Elkhart rivers, 101 miles E. by S. of Chicago by rail, with manufactures of paper, machinery, flour, starch, etc. Pop. 15,360.


Elland, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, on the river Calder, 3 miles SE. of Halifax by rail. It has cloth-mills, and valuable stone-quarries in the vicinity. Pop. 12,000.

Ellens Isle

Ellen's Isle. See Katrine (Loch).


Elleray, the Westmorland seat of Prof. Wilson ('Christopher North'), close to Windermere village.


Ellesmere, a Shropshire town, near a beautiful lake or mere of 120 acres, 19 miles NNW. of Shrewsbury. Population, 2000. The Ellesmere Canal, connecting the Severn and the Mersey, passes here. It is carried across the Dee and the Vale of Llangollen by Telford's Ellesmere Aqueduct (1805), 1007 feet long and 127 high. Ellesmere Port, at its mouth, on the Mersey, is on the Manchester Ship Canal.

Ellesmere Land

Ellesmere Land, part of the Arctic territory west of Smith Sound.

Ellice Islands

Ellice Islands, in the South Pacific, due N. of Fiji, and SW. of Samoa, extend for 360 miles from NW. to SE. between 5 1/2° and 11° S. lat., and 176o and 180o E. long. They consist of nine groups of atolls or coral islands, one of which groups, known specially as Ellice Islands (the main island in it being Funafuti), was discovered in 1819 by the American Captain Peyster. Another had previously been discovered in 1781. The islands grow little but cocoa-nut trees, copra being the main export. Pop. 2500 Polynesians, mostly Christianised.