Ellichpur, a town in the north of Berar, at one time capital of the Deccan, and said to have contained 40,000 houses. Its buildings include a ruinous palace, a fort, and several handsome tombs of the nawabs. The military cantonment of Paratwada is 2 miles distant. Pop. 36,240.


Ellisland, Burns's farm in Dumfriesshire, on the Nith's right bank, 6 miles NNW. of Dumfries.


Ellon, an Aberdeenshire village, on the Ythan, 20 miles N. by E. of Aberdeen. Pop. 1554.


Ellora, a village in the Nizam's donvnions, 13 miles NW. of Aurungabad. Of its wonderful rock-cut temples, which date from the 7th century, there are 34 of a large size, Buddhist, Brahmanical, and Jain. Some are cave-temples proper; but others are vast buildings hewn out of the solid granite of the hills, having an exterior as well as an interior architecture.


Ellore (Elur), a town in the Godavari district, Madras, on the Jammaler River, 255 miles N. of Madras, with manufactures of woollen carpets and saltpetre. Pop. 39,382.


Ellsworth, a port of entry in Maine, on the river Union, 28 miles SE. of Bangor, with a large lumber trade. Pop. 4304.

Ellwangen(Ell-vang'en), a own of Wurtemberg, on the Jagst River, 55 miles N. of Ulm. Pop. 4993. Hohen-Ellwangen, an old castle close by, has been an agricultural school since 1843.


Elm, a Swiss village in Glarus canton, with 1000 inhabitants when, in 1881, the whole of the northern side of Tshingel Peak (10,230 feet) crashed down upon it.


Elmalu, a town of Asia Minor, in the province of Konieh, 45 miles W. of Adalia. Pop. 25,000.


Elmina, a British settlement on the Gold Coast, W. of Cape Coast Castle. First settled by merchants of Dieppe, it came to the Portuguese in 1471, to the Dutch in 1637, and in 1872 to the British, who destroyed the native town during the Ashanti war. Pop. 6000.


Elmira, capital of Chemung county, New York, on the Chemung River, 149 miles ESE. of Buffalo by rail. It manufactures iron rails, railway and other carriages, flour, leather, woollens, boots, etc. Pop. (1870) 15,863; (1900) 35,672.


Elmshorn, a town in the Prussian province of Sleswick-Holstein, on a navigable feeder of the Elbe, 20 milbs NW. of Hamburg. Pop. 15,000.

El Obeid

El Obeid. See Obeid (El).


Elopura. See Borneo.

El Paso del Norte

El Paso del Norte (El Pah'zo del Nor'tay, 'the pass of the north'), or El Paso, a town of Mexico, on the Rio Grande's right bank, 1232 miles NNW. of Mexico City by rail. Pop. 6000.-On the opposite bank is El Paso, capital of El Paso county, Texas. Population, 16,100.


Elphin, a town (once episcopal) of Roscommon, 9 miles SW. of Carrick-on-Shannon. Pop. 855.


Elsass-Lothringen. See Alsace-Lorraine.


Elsinore (Dan. Helsingor), a seaport of Denmark, on the island of Zealand, and on the western shore of the Sound, at its narrowest part, 2 1/2 miles nearly due west of Helsingborg in Sweden, and 37 by rail N. of Copenhagen. The harbour (enlarged in 1883-84) has 18 to 20 feet of water, and the roadstead outside affords excellent anchorage. Pop. 14,082. Saxo Grammaticus was born here, and here too Shakespeare lays the scene of Hamlet. A little east of the town is the castle of Kronborg, built by Frederick II. m 1580, while to the north-west stands the royal castle of Marienlyst.