Enghien (Ong-ghe-ang'), a watering-place and summer-resort, 7 miles N. of Paris, on a small lake. It has five sulphur-springs, good for the skin and throat. Pop. 2670. - (2) In the Belgian province of Hainault, a busy manufacturing place (beer, salt, lace, linen, and cloth). Pop. 4387.


England, New. See New England.

English Channel

English Channel. See Channel (English).

English Harbour

English Harbour, a port of Antigua (q.v.).

English River

English River, (1) an estuary on the west side of Delagoa Bay; (2) another name for the Churchill River (q.v.).


Enkhuizen (Enk-hoi'zen), a town of North Holland, one of the ' dead cities of the Zuider Zee,' 35 miles NNE. of Amsterdam. It was the first town to throw off the Spanish yoke (1572), and was Paul Potter's birthplace (1625). Pop. 6751.


Enna. See Castrogiovanni.

Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale Water, a Cumberland lake (2 1/2 miles X 1/2 mile), 7 1/2 miles ESE. of Whitehaven.


Ennis, a municipal borough of County Clare, on the Fergus, 151 miles WSW. of Dublin by rail. Here are the Catholic cathedral of Killaloe diocese, a fine court-house, the Clare lunatic asylum, large flour-mills, a school founded by Erasmus Smith (1689), a column to O'Connell (1863), and a memorial to the 'Manchester martyrs.1 Till 1885 Ennis returned one member. Pop. (1851) 7840; (1901) 5093.


Enniscorthy, a Wexford market-town, on the navigable Slaney, 78 miles S. of Dublin by rail. It has a Norman castle, a church by Pugin, with a good spire, and a large corn-trade. Population, about 5500. Cromwell took Enniscorthy in 1649; and the rebels from Vinegar Hill stormed and burned it in 1798.


Ennlskillen, a municipal (till 1885, also parliamentary) borough, the capital of County Fermanagh, 87 miles WSW. of Belfast, is beautifully situated on an isle in the river between Upper and Lower Loughs Erne. It has barracks, a lofty monument to Sir Lowry Cole, the Royal Portora School, and a manufacture of straw-plait. Population, about 5500. Enniskillen is famous for the victory, in 1689, of William III. over James II. The Enniskilleners, or 6th Dragoons, were drawn from the brave defenders of the town.


Enns, an Austrian river, rises in Salzburg, 12 miles S. of Radstadt, and flows 190 miles (only 20 navigable) northward to the Danube below Linz. It receives the Salza and the Steier.


Enoch, a little lonely loch of Kirkcudbrightshire, 6 miles SSW. of the head of Loch Doon.


Enos (anc. Aenos), a Turkish seaport, on a rocky isthmus near the Maritza's mouth, 35 miles NW. of Gallipoli. Pop. 8000.


Enschede (En-skay'deh), a town of Holland, 30 miles ENE. of Zutphen. Rebuilt since the fire (1862), it has yarn and cotton mills. Pop. 27,600.


En'terkin, a Dumfriesshire (q.v.) burn, rising on Lowther Hill, and running 5 1/4 miles SSW. to the Nith between Sanquhar and Thornhill, with a descent of 1720 feet.