Eyrecourt, a Galway village, 12 miles SE. of Ballinasloe.

Eyria Peninsula

Eyria Peninsula, a rich pastoral district on the south coast of South Australia, triangular in shape, its base being formed by the Gawler Range, whilst its sides are washed by Spencer Gulf and the Great Australian Bight.


FABRIANO (Fabreedh'no), a cathedral city of Italy, at the eastern base of the Apennines, 44 miles by rail SW. of Ancona. It has paper and parchment manufactories (established 1564). Pop. 5593.


Faenza (Fah-en'tza; anc. Faventia), an Italian town, 31 miles SE. of Bologna by rail, has an imposing cathedral, an arcaded market-place, and numerous palaces. Its manufacture of glazed and coloured earthenware vessels (Ital. majolica, Fr. faience) has declined, and its chief industries now are silk, linen, and paper. Pop. 18,998.


Fahlun. See Falun.


Faifley, an eastern suburb of Duntocher (q.v.), Dumbartonshire. Pop., with Hardgate, 966.


Fail, Ayrshire, 1 1/4 mile NNW. Of Tarbolton, the seat of a friary (1252).


Failsworth, a Lancashire township, 4 1/2 miles NE. of Manchester. Pop. 14,150.


Faioum. See Fayum.


Fairford, a village of Gloucestershire, 9 miles E. of Cirencester. Its fine 15th-century church is famous for its splendid twenty-eight stained-glass windows, often attributed to Diirer, but really of Flemish workmanship. Keble was a native. Pop. of parish, 1403.

Fair Head

Fair Head, or Benmore, a precipitous promontory (636 feet) of the north coast of Antrim, Ireland, opposite Rathlin Isle.

Fair Isle

Fair Isle, a solitary Shetland island, 24 miles SSW. of Sumburgh Head. It is 3 miles long by 2 broad, and 3 sq. m. in area, with high rocky cliffs and promontories, rising to 480 feet in the Sheep Craig. Pop. 223, chiefly engaged in fishing, or knitting parti-coloured woollen articles - the latter art said to have been learnt from sailors of the flagship of the Spanish Armada, which was shipwrecked here (1588).


Fairlie, a coast-village of Ayrshire, on the Firth of Clyde, 2| miles S. by E. of Largs. It is famous for its yacht-building. Pop. 671.


Fairlight, a Sussex coast-parish, 2 1/2 miles ENE. of Hastings.


Fairnilee, a Selkirkshire mansion, on the Tweed, 5 1/4 miles NNW. of Selkirk. Alison Cockburn, author of The Flowers of the Forest, was born here.


Faizabad (Fyzdbad'), capital of the Central Asian state of Badakhshan (q.v.), on the Kokcha, 180 miles NE. of Kabul. It is noted for its rubies. - For the Indian town, see Fyzabad.


Faizpur, a town of Bombay presidency, 200 miles E. of Surat. Pop. 9640.


Fakenham, a Norfolk market-town, on the Wensum, 9 1/2 miles S. of Wells. Pop. of parish, 2900. - Great Fakenham, a Suffolk parish, on the Brandon, 5| miles SSE. of Thetford, is described by Bloomfleld in his Farmer's Boy. Pop. 205.


Falaise, a town in the French dep. of Calvados, on the Ante, 23 miles (by rail 31) SSE. of Caen. Crowning a rocky platform, with steep cliff or falaise, stands the noble ruined castle of the dukes of Normandy, the birthplace of William the Conqueror. Pop. 7109.