Faro, the capital of the Portuguese province of Algarve, on the south coast, behind three islands which form a good roadstead. It was burned by the English in 1596, and partly destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. Pop. 8671.


Farrar, a river of Ross and Inverness shires, flowing 28 miles eastward, and uniting with the Glass to form the Beauly.


Farringford, Freshwater, near the western extremity of the Isle of Wight, 2 1/2 miles SW. of Yarmouth, a home from 1853 of the poet Tennyson.


Fars, or Farsistan (anc. Persis), a sparsely peopled province of Persia, bordering on the Persian Gulf. Area, 53,500 sq. m. The capital is Shiraz ; the port, Bushire on the Persian Gulf.


Farsley, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 4 miles NE. of Bradford. Pop. 5580.


Farukhabad, a city of the United Provinces of India, near the right bank of the Ganges, 83 miles NW. of Cawnpore. Pop. 68,000.


Fasano (Fa-zah'no), a town of Italy, 35 miles NW. of Brindisi by rail. Pop. 16,941.


Fasher, a province of Dar-Fur (q.v.).


Fash'oda, a town in the Shilluk country, on an island in the White Nile, 60 miles below the mouth of the Sobat tributary.


Fasque, a Kincardineshire mansion (Sir J. R. Gladstone), 1 3/4 mile N. by W. of Fettercairn.

Fast Castle

Fast Castle, a ruin on the Berwickshire coast, 4 1/2 miles NW. of Coldingham. It is Scott's ' Wolfs Crag' in the Bride of hammer moor.

Fastnet Lighthouse

Fastnet Lighthouse, on a rock 4 miles SW. of Cape Clear (q.v.), with a revolving light 148 feet above high-water, and visible for 18 miles.


Fatehganj ('Victory Market'), two villages in the United Provinces of India. (1) East Fatehganj, 23 miles SE. of Bareilly, was founded by the Nawab of Oudh to commemorate a British victory over the Rohillas in 1774. - (2) West Fatehganj, 35 miles NW. of the former, was the scene of another victory over the Rohillas in 1794.


Fatehgarh, the cantonment and administrative headquarters of Farukhabad district, 3 miles E. of Farukhabad city, forming with it one municipality. There are many native Christians. A British military station since 1802, the place was attacked by Holkar in 1804, and here in 1857 over 200 Europeans - men, women, and children - were massacred by the rebels. Pop. 12,435.


Fatehpur, (1) capital of a district in the United Provinces, 70 miles NW. of Allahabad. Pop. 20,179. - (2) A fortified town of Rajputana, 145 miles NW. of Jaipur. Pop. 14,731.

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri, a ruined capital of the Mogul empire, founded by Akbar in 1570, but soon after abandoned for Agra, 23 miles to the east. There are imposing remains of ancient buildings.


Fatshan, an important manufacturing city of China, 6 miles SW. of Canton. Pop. 450,000.


Fauldhouse, a mining-town of Linlithgowshire, 7 miles WSW. of West Calder. Pop. 2762.


Favara, a town of Sicily, 4 miles SE. of Gir-genti. Pop. 15,983.