Fehrbellin, a town of Prussia, with 1920 inhabitants, 40 miles NW. of Berlin by rail. Here the Great Elector defeated the Swedes in 1675. A tower (1879) marks the battlefield.


Felaniche, or Felanitx, a town of the island of Majorca. Pop. 12,053.


Felegyhaza, a town of Hungary, 80 miles SE. of Pesth by rail. Pop. 33,406.


Felixstowe, a coast-village of Suffolk, 10 1/2 miles by rail SE. of Ipswich. It is named from a priory (1105), dedicated to St Felix, a Burgundian, the first bishop of Dunwich (631-647). With a fine beach for bathing, a pier, good golf-links, and many Roman remains near by, the place is rapidly becoming a popular resort. Pop. with Walton, 1 mile to the west, 5815.


Felstead, an Essex village, 3 1/2 miles ESE. of Dunmow. It has a richly-endowed grammar-school (1554). Pop. of parish, 1959.


Feltre (Fel'tray), a town of northern Italy, 19 miles SW. of Belluno by rail. Pop. 6715.


Femern, an island of Sleswick-Holstein. Area, 71 sq. m. ; pop. 9800.


Fenny-Stratford, a town of Bucks, on the Ouzel, 7 miles S. of Newport-Pagnell. Pop. 4800.


Fens. See Bedford Level.


Fenwick, an Ayrshire village, on Fenwick Water, 4 1/4 miles NNE. of Kilmarnock. Pop. 329.


Feodosia, or Theodosia. See Kaffa.


Ferentino (Ferentee'no), a town of Italy, 55 miles by rail SE. of Rome. Pop. 7679.


Ferghana (Ferga'na), a province of Russian West Turkestan, formerly the khanate of Kho-kand, lies among the western ranges of the Tian-Shan mountain complex. Area, 28,222 sq. m.; pop. 1,500,000. The chief towns are Khokand (the former capital), Marghilan (the present capital), Namangan, and Andijan.


Fergus, a river of County Clare, flowing 25 miles SE. to the Shannon.


Fermanagh (Ferman'a), an Irish county in the south-west of Ulster, 45 miles long by 29 broad; area, 714 sq. m., one-fourth arable and one-half pasture. The surface is mostly a succession of hills, culminating in Belmore (1312 feet). Some coal, iron, and marble occur. The chief river is the Erne. Fermanagh is divided into 8 baronies and 23 parishes; it returns two members. Pop. (1851) 116,047 ; (1901) 65,430 (36,198 Catholics). Enniskillen is the county town.


Fermo (anc. Firmum), a town of Italy, 36 miles SSE. of Ancona. It is the seat of an archbishop, and once had a university. Pop. 6692. Its port is Porto San Giorgio (pop. 3114), on the Adriatic.


Fermoy, a town in County Cork, Ireland, on the Blackwater, here spanned by a noble bridge (1866), 19 miles NE. of Cork city. In the 12th century it became the seat of a Cistercian abbey ; but the present town was the creation of a Scotch merchant towards the close of the 18th century. It contains a Catholic cathedral, St Colman's College, and barracks for 3000 men. Pop. (1861) 8705; (1901) 6126.


Fernandina (Fernandee'na), a port of entry and capital of Nassau county, Florida, on an island 28 miles NNE. of Jacksonville. It is the seat of the Episcopal bishop of Florida, and a popular bathing-resort. Pop. 3562.