Findochty, a Banffshire fishing-village, 3 1/2 miles W. by N. of Cullen. Pop. 1501.


Findon, a Kincardineshire fishing-village, 6 miles S. of Aberdeen. The well-known Findon (Finnan) haddocks were first cured here.

Fingals Cave

Fingal's Cave. See Staffa.


Finhaven, a ruined castle, Forfarshire, 51 miles NNE. of Forfar.


Finistere (Fee-nis-tair'; Lat. finis terra;, 'land's end'), a western dep. of France, comprehending a part of the former duchy of Brittany, and washed on three sides by the English Channel and the ocean. Area, 2585 sq. m. Pop. (1872) 642,963; (1901) 773,014. It is divided into the five arrondissements of Brest, Chateaulin, Mor-laix, Quimper (the chief town), and Quimperle.


Fillisterre, Cape, a promontory at the northwestern extremity of Spain, off which Anson defeated the French (1747).


Finmarken, the most northern province of Norway. Area, 18,295 sq. m.; pop. 33,000, principally Lapps. The capital is Hammerfest. Finnan. See Glenfinnan and Findon. Finsbury, a parliamentary borough of north London, with three one-member divisions (Hol-born, Central, East); the two latter form since 1899 the metropolitan borough of Finsbury.


Finsteraarhorn (Finsterdhr'horn), the highest peak (14,026 feet) of the Bernese Alps.


Finsterwalde (Finsterval'deh), a town of Prussia, 71 miles S. by E. of Berlin. Pop. 10,720. Fintry Hills, Stirlingshire, 1676 feet high, and 17 miles N. by E. of Glasgow.


Fir'miny, a town in the French dep. of Loire, 9 miles SW. of St Etienne by rail. It has rich coal-mines, and manufactures nails, ribbons, buttons, etc. Pop. 18,000.


Firozabad, a decayed town of India, Northwest Provinces, 24 miles E. of Agra. Pop. 16,023.


Firozpur, or Ferozepore, a town in the Punjab, 3 1/2 miles from the left bank of the Sutlej.


Founded, it is said, by Firoz Shah (1351-87), it had sunk into insignificance before it became in 1835 a British possession; but since then it has regained much of its former consequence. It possesses the largest arsenal in the Punjab, and a church in memory of those who fell in the Sikh wars (1845-46). Pop. 50,000.


Firozshah, a battlefield in Firozpur district, 12 miles from the Sutlej's left bank, the scene of the capture by the British of the Sikh camp, December 21, 1845.


Fisherrow. See Musselburgh.

Fishers Hill

Fisher's Hill, in the Shenandoah valley, Virginia, 30 miles S. of Winchester. Here Sheridan defeated the Confederates, 21st September 1864.


Fishguard, a Pembrokeshire (q.v.) seaport, one of the seven Pembroke boroughs, 14 1/2 miles N. of Haverfordwest. The French made a small descent here in 1797. Pop. 1886.


Fishkill-on-Hudson, or Fishkili. Landing, opposite Newburgh, and 58 miles N. of New York, was in 1776-86 a great military depot. Pop. 3700.


Fitchburg, a city of Massachusetts, on the Nashua River, 50 miles WNW. of Boston. Pop. (1880) 12,429 ; (1900) 31,531.